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Currently Reading Comics a Tweet Saga

Even though I have been clearly neglecting my blog this semester it is because I am in deep when it comes to school work.  I’m learning Chinese and playing catch up because I started with second semester Chinese rather than first semester Chinese.  I might be an idiot but I’m learning quickly, at least hopefully I am.

I have still been tweeting about the books I plan on reading and the comics I’ve been keeping track of so if you need updates or mini review, by all means follow me.

Also there will be a Special Spring Break episode of Bibliomancy where Taylor and I discuss Kelly Link’s new collection of short stories so look forward to that.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about doing more video reviews, making Bibliomancy into a Podcast and maybe starting up another podcast with Taylor wherein we discuss topical things like comics, movies, literature, and K-pop.  All my great loves in one place.

There will be things to post here.  I swear it.

I don’t know when exactly I will talk to you next, but I’m not done here.  I love it and I will keep up with it.