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Try a Chapter Tag

I don’t know if this tag has made its way to the blogging community (probably because I am super late to be posting this here … HA!) but the premise is simple.  Pick some books from your shelves that have been sitting unread and read the first chapter.

This is a great tag for people in reading slumps or who are so excited about too many books and need to pick one… as long as you pick one and don’t keep cycling books chapter by chapter.


I tried to step my editing game up a bit with this one.  I have been trying to push myself not only here but in all aspects of my life.  I am tired of being sad and mopey, it is time to stand tall and be proud of the things that I do.

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The Ruler of Books Tag

So my allergies hit me really hard and I slept for 14 hours last night.  I didn’t manage to get my post up for yesterday because of that, but I woke feeling a little better and threw together this tag for you guys.  Hope it isn’t terrible!

I will have something for you tomorrow and Friday and I will see if there is something else I can do to make up for Monday.  Talk to you then!

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My Intimidating TBR Tag

So, if you have been following Gretchen and I for a while you might have noticed that we are really bad with TBRs.  When we saw this tag circulating we figured that we were probably the perfect candidates to answer these questions.

If you want to see Gretchen’s answers to this tag then you should head right on over here:

If you want to do the tag I highly recommend it, hopefully someone can respond to your answers with something that can persuade you to pick something up despite it being a little bit scary in one way or another.

Speaking of which, if you have read any of the books I mention and think they are especially worth it, or not so worth it, by all means let me know in the comments below.

I believe I will be back tomorrow with a weekly pull for you guys, and by weekly I mean a pull of a bunch of comics that I have behind on and picked up the back issues for.

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Weekly Wrap Up/What We Read 2/7/16

The first wrap up of February is here!  This means that Gretchen and I have been creating consistent content for you guys for over a month now.  I think its going to stick this time.  At least for me.  I got down and dirty, got organized, got bullet journaling: all to keep myself on track.

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Tuesday: The Blizzard Book Tag
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Too Much Information!

The return of random friday!

I have been watching these TMI videos on YouTube all week and I figure I could do it as well.  In text form, because too wimpy and nervous to film myself.  >.> Yes.

What are you wearing?

A T-shirt with Beaker from the muppets on it and the word MEEP underneath, orange corduroy skinny pants and white ankle socks.  As well as my brand spanken new Bunnie Beanie from Eat Your Kimchi.

Ever been in love?

I’ve been infatuated but I don’t think I’ve been “in love”.

How tall are you?

5’2.5″ (short)

Any tattoos?

No, however it is not because I am aversed to tattoos.  I just don’t have anything that I care enough about to permanently put on my body.  Though I’ve thought about it a lot.  I am not one to do something just because I can, especially if it is a permanent thing.

Any piercings?

Yes, eight.  Two in each lobe, two cartiledge piercings in my left ear, my nose, and my navel.


I don’t really have one.  I don’t invest myself in fictional relationship very often, and shipping real people makes me extremely uncomfortable; it seems like a form of objectification and is an extremely unhealthy voyeuristic tendency the internet has created.

Favorite show?

I don’t watch T.V. very much, there are a handful of shows that I have binge watched in the past and a handful that I follow as their air but I wouldn’t count any as my favorites.  (among those you will find: American Horror Story, Psych, Girls, Six Feet Under, Monk, Danganronpa, aaaaaaand anything on Foodnetwork or DIY/HGTV channels)

Favorite bands/artist?

Um, Kpop- Block B and Vixx, in general I would go with Needtobreathe, Mindy Gladhill, Mika, and General Ghost.

Favorite song?

I don’t know if anyone can actually answer this question for all time.  A song that I am currently listening to obsessively?  Secret Night and Chaos by Vixx and the music from the Score of Because of Winn Dixie which is incredibly beautiful and calming.

How old are you?


Zodiac sign?


Quality you look for in a partner?

A propensity for cuddling.

Favorite quote?

I don’t actually think I have a favorite quote.  I am rather pleased with the scene in American Gods where shadow ask’s the raven to say nevermore and it responds by saying “Fuck you!”  It amused me.

Favorite actor?

I don’t really have a favorite actor.  I could tell you director.  I am going to tell you my favorite director/screen writer … John Hughes.  The man had a talent for writing things that made you feel and made you think and was a singularly unique and awe inspiring individual.

Favorite color?

Chartreuse … yellow green .. light green … mossy green … whatever you want to call it.

Loud music or soft?

It depends on my mood.  I tend to like loud music when I am happy and soft music the rest of the time, so I guess I am moreso inclined to soft music.

Where do you go when you are sad?

My bed with a good book and perhaps some cinnamon tea.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Around fifteen minutes, but that is with time to lazily get up and out of bed and choose my outfit for the day.

Ever been in a physical fight?

No, though I have been punched in the face accidentally and participated in many a verbal spat.

Turn on?

A quiet and caring nature brimming with sweetness.

Turn off?

Excessive vanity or self flattery.

The reason I joined YouTube/Wordpress?

I started watching videos because I wanted to learn how to do things and then found BookTube and vloggers who shared interests with me and it spiraled from there.  I started making videos so that my friends and I had a way to stay in contact over the summer.

I joined WordPress because I wanted to talk about books with people and to document my life and thoughts in a way.


Being noticed/Not being noticed.  It is extremely counterproductive and lends me much sadness.

Meaning behind your name?

I’m not sure.  I created it for NANOWRIMO several years ago and liked it very much so I kept it.  I think it was meant to describe the emotion of wanting to do something and being unable to resist it until you finally cave in to your detriment; which I think describes the emotional rollercoaster of NANOWRIMO very well.

Last book you read?

The Big Sleep for my Detective Novel’s class.

The book you are currently reading?

American Gods by Neil Gaimen as well as Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman

Last show you watched?


Last person you talked to?

My roommate.

The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

Best friends.

Place you want to visit?

South Korea.  New York City again.  Washington D.C. again.  Italy.  Scotland.  L.A. again.  San Fransisco.  Portland.

Favorite flavor of sweets?

I prefer sour candies to sweet ones, but if I am limited to sweet then I always love Apple flavor.  Perhaps because it is most often matched with sour.  Sour Apple.  Sour anything.  Also not chocolate.  Not a fan of chocolate.

What instruments do you play?

Presumptuous of you questions, however I play the piano and learned to play the guitar in middle school though I wouldn’t say I know how to play anymore … its more like I could probably pick it back up fairly quickly if I tried.  I want to learn how to play the Cello … hopefully one day that happens.

Favorite piece of jewelry?

Currently my navel ring.  It is a Stephanie Brown purple and yellow Batgirl symbol ring.

Last song you sang?

Very Good by Block B

Favorite chat up line/pick up line?

I don’t have one.  Hello my name is I noticed you are super cute do you want to talk to me?  Does that count?

Last time you hung out with anyone?

Last Saturday night for game night, and will be hanging out tonight for game night.

Who should answer these questions next?

Anyone who wants to, feel free.

Those were 50 questions and way too much information that you perhaps did not need to know.  If you do the tag feel free to leave a link to it in my comments below so that I can go and learn something about you!  Have a great weekend and I will talk to you again soon.