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Bibliomancy For Beginners: Ep. 7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

So, I promised that I would post this weeks Bibliomancy episode today and I will succeed! I am writing it right now but the hangout happened Tuesday at 8:30 EST, like every week (or we try really hard for it to be every week).

Also you guys should be proud of me because I am writing this review knowing full well that mere moments ago, my parents gave me a car for my birthday. So … squee to that. Without further ado, let’s get started and as always my bookclub discussion video will be at the bottom if you don’t want to read about a book and just want to hear us talk about it.

Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: YA High Fantasy
Page #: 420

Alright, this was a book that I listed to Gretchen, from My Life is a Notebook (also my roommate from last semester) whine over having to wait to reread.  She loves it, she gushes over it, she fangirls over it hard core.  I wasn’t as enamored by it but I still enjoyed the experience of reading it.  There were a few faults in it and a handful of things that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but it was a good book and I would like you all to know that going in.

I had to read this book entirely on the day that we went on air to talk about it due to my vacation last week making it difficult to get my hands on, but I finished the entire thing in a few hours without any problems.  The pacing was good and that helped me get through the novel quickly.  I didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to read it though by this point I was really tired of reading High Fantasy novels.  I needed something new.

The characters were alright.  I seemed to prefer the secondary or tertiary characters better than the protagonist and her main squeeze for this novel.  (Although the angsty third wheel to the love triangle was a personal favorite).  I did just mention a love triangle in those quotes because there definitely is one.  It wasn’t a terrible one though don’t worry.  I didn’t mind it THAT much, but its still my least favorite romantic plot device.

The setting was interesting and though there wasn’t a lot of back story or history throughout the novel there was enough to back up the events of the story and enough to maintain my interest in the world.  It was aparent that Maas knew her world very well and had events and regions mapped out in her head before writing this novel.  Too often do I find a novel where the setting has discrepancies and therefore becomes discredited.

Over all I really enjoyed the book, it wasn’t a five out five read for me but it was definitely a four, better than average.  Everyone in our group enjoyed it as well and if you want to hear us talk about it together then by all means watch the video.  Also see what I did to me hair. (Spoiler Alert: I cut it all off).

I think I might name my new car the Pied Piper because it’s definitely calling to me right now.