Re: The Art of The Asshole

This post is going to be a discussion of the separation between an artist from their art as inspired by the video made by Chelsea, Ophelia Dagger,’s video a few days ago title The Art of The Asshole, I would recommend watching that before reading this as I will be commenting directly on some of the points that she make in this video, plus, you know, its just a good video.

Chelsea in the video overall makes the argument that it is perfectly reasonable to enjoy the art from someone who you find morally dubious because the art and person making the art are not the same thing.  She equivocates this to the movement of #problematicfav and her own love of Bukowski’s poetry.

I have to agree with her.  Though this is definitely a controversial opinion.  For many people, if one disagrees with a person it is one’s duty not to support them in any way.  Now this is understandable as well.  If a person is going to fund organizations that are antisemitic, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. and you are not, as one hopes any reasonable person would be, then you wouldn’t want to be lining of the pockets of that person.  However, they may still create something that you really enjoy.  If you really love science fiction and you haven’t read Ender’s Game and everyone raves about it but you know Orson Scott Card is homophobic, what do you do?

One suggestion Chelsea puts forth is getting the book from a second hand shop (or if film is your medium of choice then to stream the movie instead of buying it).  I think this would be the best way to experience the art without contributing to the artist.  If you are really worried about funding an asshole.  However the bigger question is are you allowed to enjoy it, knowing the person who made it is so irrevocably shit.

Chelsea states, “An artist will always be an intrinsic part of their own work” their thoughts and opinions are going to be undeniably tied to the art as well.  Does that make it impossible to enjoy or morally wrong to enjoy?

I can’t say for sure.  I know that for me, my knowledge of an author, their past work, their ideas that I know to be present can color the way I view a piece.  We spoke of this often in my seminar on Toni Morrison.  Do we believe that God Save the Child must have a deeper meaning in its simplicity because Toni Morrison wrote it or is it just a simplistic kind of mediocre book written by a great author and there isn’t any more to that.  Do we expect certain things from certain people.  I think we do because we look for patterns.  If you know that the other has certain views you might be looking for those views to make an appearance at some point in the work and miss other things.

I’m not sure what to take away from all this.  I guess part of it is to do your research.  If there is anything you need to know about an artist before going into it, then maybe check.  Then seek out second hand copies, or library copies so that you don’t fund something you disagree with.  Try and read something objectively, even if it is impossible.  If you are destined not to like it because of that then you won’t like it.  If you want to boycott everything ever written by that person, that is your decision as well.  I don’t think we are obliged to do that though.  Even the worst people in history have something valid to say on one subject or another even if they are morally ambiguous with everything else.

What do you think?  Do you think its possible to enjoy something after you realize the person who made it is a retched human being?  Has something you once loved been ruined by that?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a video review of Paper Towns by John Green with Gretchen!  Hope you enjoy looking forward to that and have a lovely work week!


Monday Musings: The YouTube Consolidation and Recommendation Edition

I’ve mentioned in videos here and there that I am very entwined in the YouTube community and really should make my own videos.  One day that will happen, for now I sit and watch from a distance like a creeper.

When one of my roommates needed some new YouTubers to watch I had to go through mine for suggestions, spoiler alert nothing I watch would be entertaining to her, but I realized I had an incredible amount of subsrciptions.

So I thought that it might be time to go through and clean out the ones that I didn’t watch any more and tell you who I follow.  If I follow them, they are probably quality.  Probably.

I am going to divide the subscriptions up by type of video most commonly made so that you can find something that appeals to you!  The bolded entries are my all time favorites which you should check out regardless of category because either their discussions are on point or their editing makes me the happiest person ever.

Book Vloggers:

abookaffair – Adult and YA reader
adamandkarate – Adult readers
Ariel Bissett – YA reader
Bazpierce – Classics and Adult reader
BonerBookClub – Adult reader
books and pieces – Science Fiction and Fantasy reader
booksandquills – If has words will read
BookTubeAThon – channel for the summer booktubeathon
candysomething – If has words will read
ChapterStackss – Adult reader
Charley Reads – Adult and YA reader
cozyteareads – Adult and YA reader
getbookish – Adult and YA readers
Hello Hemlock – Book Club
insteadofgold – Adult & YA reader
Jean Bookishthoughts – Classic reader
justkissmyfrog – Adult reader
librarianfanmail – Adult reader
Little Book Owl – YA reader
marlinelina – YA reader
mothereffingbooks – Adult & YA reader
PeruseProject – Fantasy & YA reader
polandbananasBOOKS – YA reader
Ron Lit – Classics reader
SableCaught – If book will read
The Readables – YA reader
thebookbasement – YA reader
timelordsandwizards – YA & Adult reader


2MinJinkJongKey – Kpop vloggers
albinwonderland – Anecdote vlogger
AmazingPhil – Anecdote vlogger
Ant (mrheavyhand) – Anecdote vlogger
Anthony D’angelo – Discussion vlogger
charlieissocoollike – Anecdote vlogger
ChewingSand – Anecdote vlogger
danisnotonfire – Anecdote vlogger
DexterityBonus – Coffeh time!
Eat Your Kimchi – Korean Lifestyle vlogger
Elio – Anecdote vlogger
hankschannel – Hank of vlogbrother’s fame addtional channel
Hannah Witton – body positive/sex positive/femenist vlogger
hayleyghoover – body positive/sex positive/femenist vlogger
ItsWayPastMyBedTime – Anecdote vlogger
JackHoward – Anecdote vlogger
Kristina Horner – Anecdote vlogger
Liam Dryden – Anecdote vlogger
Malia AuParis – Advice & Travel vlogger
Mandy – Anecdote vlogger
MichaelJacksonRulesx – This is my younger sister’s channel, isn’t she cool with an x in her name 😛
MissFenderr – Anecdote vlogger plus she has cats!
Mitchell Davis – Anecdote vlogger
MorganPaigeLoves – Anecdote vlogger with terrible puns (beautiful terrible puns)
mugumogu – remember Maru the cat … here’s his channel … there you go!
myrmidryad – I had a hard time placing her but she does anecdotal vlogs and some book related things
Nanalew – Anecdote vlogger
neafcy -Discusses films and popular culture
ninebrassmonkeys – made a really great series talking about YouTube culture A+
Open the Happy – Simon and Martina of eatyourkimchi fame’s bonus channel with random videos like of their pets
Ophelia Dagger – Anecdote vlogger
PirateGray – Anecdote & Advice vlogger
Plus2Joe – Anecdote & Advice vlogger
Rachel & Jun – Japanese Lifestyle vlogger
Rosianna Halse Rojas – Anecdote & Book vlogger
Seoulistic – Korea Lifestyle vlogger
simonandmartinabonus – their channel for bloopers and TL;DR discussions on Korea
T. Michael Martin – Anecdote vlogger
Tessa Violet – Anecdote vlogger & Musician
TheThirdPew – Anecdote vlogger
thisbedottie – Anecdote vlogger
TwentyThirtyTwo – Carrie’s bonus channel
VickyThePixie – Anecdote vlogger
vlogbrothers – John and Hank Green do everything
withVIXX – VIXX video english subtitle channel
zefrank1 – I miss ze!  Funny videos still though
영국남자 – Korean Englishman makes videos about Korea and England in Korean with English Subtitles

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle:

Arden Rose 
Claire Marshall
Steve Booker
The Platform


BananaJamana – Painter
Lauren Fairweather – Crafts & advice vlogs
Mary Doodles – Painting & Pen with Paper
ThePortraitART– Portraits


Donal Skehan – If food will make
Feast of Fiction – If FICTIONAL food will make
Food Busker – If STREET food will make
French Guy Cooking – If FRENCH food will make
Gennaro Contaldo – If ITALIAN food will make
Green Kitchen Stories – If HEALTHY/VEGETARIAN/VEGAN food will make
Jamie Oliver – If food will make
JunsKitchen – If JAPANESE food will make
Keryann Dunlop – Food for Families with Kids
Loftus Lens – Food Photography
Maangchi – If KOREAN food will make
Munchies – If RESTAURANT RELATED will make video about
River Cottage – If HEALTHY AND FARM TO TABLE food will make
Tastemade – If food will make
The Chiappas – If ITALIAN food will make
The Dumpling Sisters – If CHINESE DUMPLINGS will make
Tobie Puttock – If food will make
You Are Here Cafe – Videos for the You Are Here Cafe in Korea
밴쯔 – Korean Guy who eats a  mesmerizing amount of food in one sitting


Cox n’Crendor – Animated Clips
Emma Blackery – Comedic Sketches & Vlogs
Evan Edinger – Comedic Sketches & Vlogs
Jack & Dean – Comedic Sketches
mikefalzone – Comedic Anecdotes & Advice

Educational Channels:

ABCsofChinese – self explanatory
How to Adult – self explanatory
lacigreen – Sex positive vide0s
mickeleh – Great Discussion of Pop/Nerd Culture & Current Events
Vivi Mandarin – self explanatory
SciShow – self explanatory
sexplanations – Sexologist
Talk to Me in Korean – self explanatory
thebrainscoop – Biology and Museum Studies Stuff
Vi Hart – Maaaaath
Vivi Korean – self explanatory


Cryaotic – Horror/RPG
DanAndPhilGAMES – If game will game
GamesWithHank – If game will game
Jesse Cox – RPG
Polaris – Maker Studios gamer hub channel/network
PressHeartToContinue – Weird dating sims & craft videos & fandom discussion videos
shegeekshow – Great discussions of the video game industry/game culture
TotalBiscuit – Everything and Anything for review


BriBry – Indie Pop
BridgitMendlerVEVO – Pop
Meghan Tonjes – Acoustic Covers
PlayerPiano – BEAUTIFULLY shot Nerdy music covers done in Cosplay
RealVIXX – *whisper screams* VIXX they make great videos of them being idiots as well as the music videos and such
Rusty Clanton – Acoustic Covers


Emily Diana Ruth
Nessa K Photography


Anna Akana – Science Fiction Films & Advice Vlogs
Bertie Gilbert Films
 – Realistic Fiction Films
KickThePj – Science Fiction/Fantasy Surrealist Films
Wong Fu Productions – Realistic Fiction Films

That’s all folks.  I think you can get a pretty good idea of who it is or rather what it is that I like to watch in my free time.  As I went through my subscriptions I got rid of the ones that I don’t really watch any more that were straggling from my highschool days.  That was probably something I needed to do to clear out my feed a little bit.  In the end it appears that I have 148 subscriptions … when this whole thing started out I had over 200 so I think that was a good clean sweep.

I will talk to you guys again soon!