Monday Musings: The 2014 Reading Wrap Up Edition

Despite probably having the worst year I have ever had ever, or perhaps because of the fact that I had the worst year I have ever had ever I read more books than I have since high school.

According to Goodreads I read 70 books, which might be a bit off because I don’t put all of the reading I do for school in there, but even so.  That is almost thirteen more than the year before which was twenty more than year before that.  Reading more and more I swear.  Even though I still feel like I have terrible reading slumps that never end!

I plan on doing an interactive map of my reading of last year for Friday so please look forward to that.  I also heard through the grape vine that the Bout of Books is happening this week.  I might do that, to get my 2015 reading challange WAAAAAY in the black.

Are you guys doing the bout of books?  What are you guys reading?

I have a number of graphic novels to finish as well as American Gods for Bibliomancy … then whatever novels I can put my hands on while I’m home.

This has been the first Monday Musing of the year … and I hope I can at least keep this segment up through the next semester.  School always hinders my ability to do the things I love.  Like … read … and blog … and do anything other than school work.  We shall see.  We shall seeeee.