Mon-Thursday Musings: Moving on Up!

By that, I mean I’m moving out of my parents house.  Is it too soon? Probably.  Am I doing it anyway?  Hell yeah, I am.

Why, Michaela.  You have oodles of student loan debt, why would you do the thing you are about to do.

Well, friends, because I am incredibly fortunate to have found a super awesome stable job right out of school with above average pay for entrance level.  I have a piano teacher who has loved me since I was little who happens to own two properties and is completely willing to let me stay at one of them rent free, just paying utilities.

I have the opportunity to go out on my own, and learn how to adult, without having no money for food.  I will still be handing over weeks worth of pay to pay for my schooling, but I won’t be completely without some wiggle room with my funds.

So yes.  I am taking the plunge.

This is probably part of the reason why it is so difficult for me to get books read right now.  All of my brain power is going toward how to best save money to plan for bills and which family members are giving me their reject furniture and how long has that jar of pickles been sitting in that fridge for.

So I apologize on the somewhat lax content on the blog as of late.  Hopefully I will  have all of the creative juices flowing when I am all settled in.  There sure are plenty of spaces to film.  I don’t have to hide myself away in my bedroom. (Plus there is a super awesome library and that makes for good filming backgrounds I think).

Well, this was a bit late this week, but better late than never right?

I will be back tomorrow to talk about some book stuff, not sure what it is yet… probably a problem. :/ hmmm.


Monday Musings: A Call for Time Management Help!

So, you might have noticed that the number of books I have been reading and reviewing has dramatically dropped since I have started working in general, but now that I am working two jobs I am unsure of when I will have time to eat and sleep let alone read and relax.

So I am coming to you.  I need your tips and tricks for finding the time to relax.  I am one of those people who gets so focused on work I even forget to take my breaks on time so honestly I need it.

I think the biggest problem for me is that when I read I prefer to set a large chunk of time aside for it and spend that time experiencing the reading process.  I curl up in bed, put on some quiet music, if I have a candle I might light that and then settle in to read.  I know a lot of people read whenever they can.  Fifteen minutes on their break, while commuting, etc. but I have a hard time focusing in short bursts, and I drive to work.

I do think I’m going to try and listen to audio books while I drive, seeing as I have an hour commute both ways but I don’t have very many of those to listen to at the moment and I have all of the physical book.

So your tips are greatly needed!

Please and thank you in advance!

Gretchen and I will be live streaming when I get out of work tomorrow and discuss this weird hierarchy of genres when it comes to books.  So do look out for that.


Friday Musing? What It’s Like Working in a Library!

Since I’ve been working over time to fill in for Gretchen on YouTube I haven’t done a chatty Monday Musing in two weeks and have put a butt ton of book videos out on here so I’m gonna take a little break today and just talk with you guys a little bit.

I have finished my first week at my new job as a library assistant!  It was a little hectic and its still weird thinking about the fact that I have a set schedule and guaranteed income.  I have had set schedules at school but part time work doesn’t feel the same.  I didn’t realize how impermanent it felt to work a part time job until I started working at the library.  I mean I have my own desk for goodness sake.  I have never had my own desk.  What do I put in a desk guys?

In any case, my freaking out about being a real adult and stuff aside.  I wanted to talk about what it has been like for me.  I want to start off by saying that everyone is lovely.  All of my coworkers have been extremely patient and eager to help me.  The people who come in have all been very kind and patient with me as well.  It is definitely a community space, as a library should be.

I am in the circulation department so I am generally checking in and checking out books.  We are also in charge of the delivery.  All of the books that people have holds on coming in from other libraries or the books we had sent out that are being returned, as well as pulling those that need to go other places and getting them ready to go out as well.

I think the hardest part for me was memorizing all of the little things.  The certain way to do things to make sure that things go to the right places and don’t get lost.  I think that eventually it will be second nature for me, but I will continue to work on that.  I have a handful of little projects that I am in charge of as well.  The one I have been working on the most is the staff picks.

One of the highlights of this week was checking someone out and seeing that they had picked up one of the books I suggested.  It is weird to think about the fact that someone would take my word on books, even though part of what I do here is recommend things for you guys to read.  It is different than actually seeing someone pick that book up.

In the future I will also be in charge of the social media for the library but they wanted me to get a handle on the main part of my job before I started multitasking, which is fair, but that is one of the things I am most excited about.  Right now their online presence is minimal at best and I think that doing more with that might help increase the libraries overall use.

Not a lot of young people come in, and by that I don’t mean children because there are definitely a lot of little tykes, I means teens and young adults.  I think that a lot of people now a days don’t actually realize how much a library offers aside from books.  I might talk about this a little more at a later date, seeing as I am going to be working there for several years at least.  No hurry.

I hope you didn’t mind this little bit of a chatty Friday post.  I will be back tomorrow actually because we have an imbibliomancy episode happening.  Those happen live so if you want to join us we will be discussing Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.  You should definitely come and hang out with us.


Re: The Art of The Asshole

This post is going to be a discussion of the separation between an artist from their art as inspired by the video made by Chelsea, Ophelia Dagger,’s video a few days ago title The Art of The Asshole, I would recommend watching that before reading this as I will be commenting directly on some of the points that she make in this video, plus, you know, its just a good video.

Chelsea in the video overall makes the argument that it is perfectly reasonable to enjoy the art from someone who you find morally dubious because the art and person making the art are not the same thing.  She equivocates this to the movement of #problematicfav and her own love of Bukowski’s poetry.

I have to agree with her.  Though this is definitely a controversial opinion.  For many people, if one disagrees with a person it is one’s duty not to support them in any way.  Now this is understandable as well.  If a person is going to fund organizations that are antisemitic, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. and you are not, as one hopes any reasonable person would be, then you wouldn’t want to be lining of the pockets of that person.  However, they may still create something that you really enjoy.  If you really love science fiction and you haven’t read Ender’s Game and everyone raves about it but you know Orson Scott Card is homophobic, what do you do?

One suggestion Chelsea puts forth is getting the book from a second hand shop (or if film is your medium of choice then to stream the movie instead of buying it).  I think this would be the best way to experience the art without contributing to the artist.  If you are really worried about funding an asshole.  However the bigger question is are you allowed to enjoy it, knowing the person who made it is so irrevocably shit.

Chelsea states, “An artist will always be an intrinsic part of their own work” their thoughts and opinions are going to be undeniably tied to the art as well.  Does that make it impossible to enjoy or morally wrong to enjoy?

I can’t say for sure.  I know that for me, my knowledge of an author, their past work, their ideas that I know to be present can color the way I view a piece.  We spoke of this often in my seminar on Toni Morrison.  Do we believe that God Save the Child must have a deeper meaning in its simplicity because Toni Morrison wrote it or is it just a simplistic kind of mediocre book written by a great author and there isn’t any more to that.  Do we expect certain things from certain people.  I think we do because we look for patterns.  If you know that the other has certain views you might be looking for those views to make an appearance at some point in the work and miss other things.

I’m not sure what to take away from all this.  I guess part of it is to do your research.  If there is anything you need to know about an artist before going into it, then maybe check.  Then seek out second hand copies, or library copies so that you don’t fund something you disagree with.  Try and read something objectively, even if it is impossible.  If you are destined not to like it because of that then you won’t like it.  If you want to boycott everything ever written by that person, that is your decision as well.  I don’t think we are obliged to do that though.  Even the worst people in history have something valid to say on one subject or another even if they are morally ambiguous with everything else.

What do you think?  Do you think its possible to enjoy something after you realize the person who made it is a retched human being?  Has something you once loved been ruined by that?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a video review of Paper Towns by John Green with Gretchen!  Hope you enjoy looking forward to that and have a lovely work week!


Musings: On coming back to school for my last semester and why I have been gone for two weeks

Those of you who have been keeping up with my book clubs episodes will know that I returned to school last weekend.  The week leading up to that was me frantically trying to get everything in order that I needed, this week consisted of going to classes getting a handle on my new schedule and settling in.

I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself so I haven’t been posting.  That is going to be my approach to this semester.  There are things that I want to do, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t get to them.  I have to prioritize after all.  School and homework comes first.  Then book club stuff, then blog stuff.

That being said.  Gretchen from My Life is a Notebook and I have decided we want to work towards a partnership of a sort.  We are going to be making more videos for you guys.  Either together or separately using my account so that we can both keep up with content and maybe get you guys some cool new content.

If you don’t know who Gretchen is then please, go and check her out.  She is one of the founding members of my book club and one of my dearest friends.  On top of that she really, REALLY, loves YA literature.  I know that isn’t exactly my forte but that is why we want to combine.  Together we can cover a wide variety of genres and themes and give more interesting perspectives on both.

On top of that both Gretchen and Taylor and I have agreed that we want to do book club a little more often.  We were thinking that maybe once a month we could have all read a book and will get together to live stream a discussion of it (and now that we are all 21 it might involve alcohol *ahem* most likely will involve alcohol).  So you can look forward to that.

I hope my last semester is a good one and doesn’t kill me.  That would really suck.  Sorry, I’ve been gone and hopefully I can keep things up here. this semester, no promises though.

I hope those of you who are going back to school have a good semester and those who are done with it, a good week! Talk to you soon.


Monday Musings: On Positivity

I have been thinking a lot about how I personally feel like I shouldn’t be around people if I’m not being positive.  When I get stressed out or sad, I often pull away from my friends and family until I either feel better and happier or am literally crying in bed and need someone to talk to so that I don’t keep crying infinitely.

I have this idea that even when I’m happy, I’m a bit of an annoying friend.  Which everyone I’m friends with denies, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling this way.  In particular though, I feel like if I’m not upbeat and contributing positive vibes to the friendship, I’m just acting as a buzzkill or a fun suck or some other negative black hole.

I don’t think this is really the case.  We should be able to talk with friends when we are feeling down, because they often have some of the best tools in cheering is up.  I needed to examine why I felt the way I did about negative emotions.

I think that watching Wiebke’s video on the topic, helped me shuffle around some of my thoughts on the subject.  She mentioned that we are often told to “not hang around with negative people”.  I was told this.  It is often mentioned as a mechanism for keeping yourself sane.  While I think it is meant to mean, don’t hang around people who make you feel negatively about yourself.  It is generally used to just not hang around people who have bad outlooks on life, are sad or angry all the time, or complain too much.  She mentions that its okay for things to be shit.  We don’t have to like everything constantly.

Before hearing that I had taken this phrase and internalized it so much, that I feel I must be chipper and positive 100% of the time but now  I don’t think that would actually be healthy.  If we were always happy there would be no frame of reference, everything would become quite boring.  The highs are only highs when we compare them to the lows.  We need growth to show accomplishment.  When everything is positive we can’t feel accomplished.

In a weird way I also rejected this idea when it came to learning.  I know so many people who aren’t willing to learn a new language, or work on their art skills because they aren’t good at it.  Of course you aren’t good at it, you need to learn and practice.  Even if other people are so much better than you, I’m sure those people that you feel are so accomplished can pull out some of their old drawings, or workbooks to show you that they had to start somewhere.  They look at the old and can see their growth.

When asked why I chose English as a degree despite getting a perfect score in Math on my SATs I said because Math is easy.  English is more difficult.  It is more subjective.  On top of always loving reading.  I would be bored in a math degree because I understand it so quickly.  There is no challenge there.

We need lows to work out of.  I need to learn that having a bad mood or being upset isn’t a thing to be ashamed of.  They help me grow.  They might help my friends and I become closer.  Calling my mom will not be bothering her, in fact she will probably enjoy talking to me.

We don’t need to be positive 100% of the time.  We need to be well rounded human beings.  Otherwise we are just robots, and that’s no fun.

I hope you guys are fairing better.  I move back to school this weekend.  That may cause me to fall into hibernation mode, but I’m hoping it doesn’t.  Writing these blog posts makes me happy.  I like sharing with you guys.  I will do my best to keep going and maintain a routine.  It is probably better for me in the long run anyway.

Talk to you on Wednesday about some comic books stuff!  Also Tuesday is the last episode of our #diversesummer with Bibliomancy.  We will be discussing Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton.  You should join us for that.


Beautiful Booktubers!

I said last Monday that I wanted to make a post collecting and curating all of the booktubers who have made me excited about books recently.  I look up to these folks and they deserve a lot more subscribers than they currently have for the most part.

If you click their lovely faces it will take you to their YouTube channels so you can watch their videos and fall in love with them yourself.

1. Choncey Boddington – a.k.a. The Bookish Britette: She is a wonderfully smart individual who values literary analysis in her videos above all else.  She loves talking about the way that books work not just whether they were enjoyable or not.  The English Major in me loves this.  She also discusses her own experiences with Anorexia a fair amount and how she was able to beat it.  She is a brilliant role model and I wish so many more people would subscribe to her this very instant.

The lovely Jen Campbell is the author of several books including “The Bookshop Book” and “Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops”.  Not only is it clear through her videos that she really truly loves books, but she really and truly loves the booktube community.  I wouldn’t have found half the people on this list if it weren’t for her.  She is also incredibly imaginative and creative, having come up with three of my favorite book tags in the past couple of months.  If you like fairy tales or fairy tale retellings, you are kindred spirits and should probably check her out, but she reads all manners of literature from poetry, to contemporary fiction, to science fiction.

Lauren from the Channel Reads and Daydreams is incredibly well spoken.  She has a very calming quality to her, but when she dislikes a book that seems to be very popular she gets quite excited and energetic.  I love that she likes to discuss why it is a book didn’t appeal to her rather than just writing it off.  She wants to insight more discussion in the comments to hear what other people think.  I envy that by her because I always get quite defensive and don’t want others to shoot down my ideas, despite knowing that discussion can enlighten us to things we didn’t think about, or might not have picked up on, on our own.

Ashley from Climb the Stacks reads most Adult Contemporary Fiction.  She is on my feed quite a bit because she updates so often.  She has a voracious appetite for books that I wish I had more consistently.  She is another booktuber who will say both positive and negative reviews.  She speaks her mind, but I never feel that she is being antagonistic toward those who like the book.  She speaks in such a way that you are on her side, even if you disagree with her.  I would fear her if she ever decided to be a politician.

Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings is another of my new loves.  She reads mostly adult fiction, also some classics.  She speaks so eloquently about the books that she has read, or plans on reading.  She is one of those people who can tell me what a book is in such a way that I want to read it.  I always say how terrible I am at synopsis, she does not have that problem.  She also does a lot of tag videos, if you enjoy watching those!

Sabrina from unmanagedmischief is one that I have been watching for a while.  Not only does she read a lot of adult books, but she also reviews comics and graphic novels.  This years she has been focusing on a project that she calls the #yearofmurakami and did #japanesejune so if you are a fan of Japanese translated fiction she has a channel you really should check out.  I love how honest she is in her reviews.  If she dislikes something, she is going to tell you about it.

First male youtuber on this list is Jason.  He focuses a lot on Canadian Literature and is cofounder of the book club Hello Hemloch who spotlight #canlit.  For those who really love Canadian Literature or for those who feel they never get to see canadian authors spotlighted (like myself) he is a wonderful resource.  He also occaisonally posts music and has a lovely singing voice.  He seems so sweet and happy to me most of the time (#canstereotypes) that all of his videos brighten my day!

If you are looking to learn a bit about history, or literature theory then hope on over to RonLit.  I swear this girl is going to be a powerhouse professor.  I wish I wasn’t her contemporary and was just a generation younger so that I could be one of her pupils.  I make do by listening to her talk here on booktube.  She talks a lot about queer literature.  She has an abundant love for Jane Austen.  She talks a lot about women in literature, and women writing literature historically.  Just an all around really amazing lady!

To keep the Canada love going I want to talk about Candace at librarianfanmail.  She is such a lovely sweet person.  I may or may not have stolen her haircut.  I definitely brought a picture of her to the salon when I got my haircut. ( <.< ) What? Who said that? I recently read “Me and the Devil” by Nick Tosches based off her review.  While it wasn’t my favorite novel, there were a lot of elements that I really enjoyed and therefor want to take her suggestion to read some of his other work.  She doesn’t do reviews overly often but when she does they are always well composed and make me want to read books.  An admirable trait in librarian.

For those of you who really love Science Fiction and Fantasy you should head over to booksandpieces, where Elizabeth makes wonderfully quirky videos.  You will find costumes galore here.  She loves talking about the history of science fiction and fantasy as well as recommending great contemporary reads in the genre.  She is currently one of the hosts of the Booktube Science Fiction and Fantasy awards and they have a goodreads group that is discussing and voting on a lot of really great books that you should check out!

If you like quirky British booktubers than you should also check out Leena at justkissmyfrog.  This lovely lady is so enthusiastic.  She has interviewed so many really interesting and unique authors on her channel.  She read poetry.  She sings in bathtubs for goodness sake.  She likes to talk about the books that have touched her life and I think that is a great way to go about it.  If you aren’t subscribed to her, what are you doing with your life?  Go do it right now.

Another booktuber who does exclusively positive reviews is Clifford from betterthanfoodbookreviews.  Do not watch his show on an empty stomach… erm… empty brain?  It makes me hungry for books.  Not to eat them, but to read them.  As somebody who has been woefully underwhelmed with the books taught to me in during my undergrad education this guy is like making a seven course dinner while you stare in from the streets.  He makes every single book he talk about sound brilliant.  I have no doubts that they most likely are.  He just returned after a bit of a hiatus because he was in mourning of his Dads death.  If you ever need a good cry I recommend watching his tribute video to his father.  He is so smart, so charismatic, how could he not be with a name like his.

If you prefer less aggressive, softer spoken bookish men you should check out Christopher R. Alonso  He is currently about to start grad school for writing.  I can’t wait to read something he publishes.  He is a shier booktuber and doesn’t seem to quite believe in himself.  Something I can definitely relate to, although he is doing a step better than me by at least putting the videos out there.  He reads a lot of adult fiction.  He just showed that he was buddy reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss which is one of my favorite Fantasy novels, second only to its sequel.  You might not see him around very often but every time he shows up you know its going to be a video worth watching.

I wanted to finish this list off with a couple of bookish groups.  The first is a duo, Matt and Zoey from weliveforbooks.  These guys are such a great pair.  Zoey is extremely opinionated reader.  She will tell you exactly what she thinks and why that is.  Matt on the other hand is a bit softer but is incredibly smart.  The two together make for wonderful reviews.  Their videos always give me hope for something with my best friend in the future.  We have been talking about doing joint reviews much like Matt and Zoey do on their channel.  They are a definite channel you should check out if you haven’t already.

Finally I want to talk about The Marvelous Reading Room.  This channel started as a book club channel, much like my own, so it gives me hopes that my channel will have something in the future.  It is lead by Sunny and Amanda but features a bunch of their friends.  They like to shout out the upcoming releases each month and feature a short segment called 30 second book pitch where they try and sell you a book in 30 seconds or less.  It makes for entertaining little videos that don’t take much of your day at all.  They read primarily science fiction and fantasy but urban fantasy and contemporary fiction make its way into their laps sometimes too.  This is a really entertaining channel I suggest you check them out soon.

There are a lot more channels that I love but I have already given you fifteen.  If you really can’t wait you can always check out my recommended channels list.

On top of that this week is the booktubeathon and I am participating.  I posted a picture of my TBR on my instagram so you should head over there to check it out.  I don’t know whether I will be making any videos because I am rather booked this week with videos.  Tonight we have the hangout for Angelfall by Susan Ee, tomorrow night we will be discussing The Reality Bug, the fourth book in the Pendragon series.  Some time this week Taylor and Casey and I want to do a review of This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong.  So many things on top of attempting to read seven books.  I have already finished one, and I plan to start another after book club tonight.

Are you guys participating this year?  If so what are you planning on reading.  Do you have an booktube channels I didn’t mention that you think I should check out?  Please let me know so that I can add more beautiful bookish people to my life.


I Am the Suckiest Person to Ever Attempt Personhood…

I swear guys I have not forsaken you. I have just been having trouble finding motivation to blog as of late. It has sort of stopped being a fun thing, and become a chore, which then made me not want to do it.

I think that the only way out is through. I may fail at this. This may be the last post you see for two weeks again, but I will try and keep to a regular schedule. The only thing I have not forsaken is my book club. You should check the Bibliomancy for Beginners page to see what that is all about, but I have been working my ass off to make it more professional and presentable everywhere.

Unfortunately I still have the suckiest of internets as well. so the videos aren’t as smooth and clear as I would like them, but they are still coming out and in a regular fashion.

We started a second, side book club that I am calling #NostalgiaJunkie wherein some of our members read and discuss my favorite childhood book series, Pendragon. If you want to read that I have a playlist that has the two episodes we have done so far.

I have not been to a comic shop since coming home, partially because its far away, but mostly because I don’t have any spare money to be buying comics with.

Part of that is due to the fact that I bought myself a PS4 for my 21st birthday. Like you do. I have been playing Batman and I have to say, I really… really… love it. I always loved Batman, and aside from too many tank battles in the Batmobile I really love this game. I love the story. It made me feel things. It is great for people who love Batman, if you don’t care about Batman, then you don’t care and it isn’t relevant to you.

That is about all I have to say tonight. I just wanted to make.. another update. I will post the last Bibliomancy for Beginners video up here soon, because the next one is tomorrow night around 9/9:30 its on Through the Woods by Emily Carroll.


A Special Request from my Dear Friend Casey!

If you aren’t following Casey’s blog, The Drunk Librarian, what are you doing with your life?  She is incredibly sassy and smart, and has the best use of .gifs I have ever seen in a blog post ever.  You should go check her out.

She was nominated for a Liebster award and let me know that she was interested in seeing my answers to the questions she posed for her nominees despite the fact that I am ineligible for nomination.

Ever the agreeable person I am, I said I would answer her questions on the next Monday Musing post.  Which is weeks and weeks after that request came in. sorry Casey, but finally here!

Q and or A time!

1. What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Is it bad to say Puss by Jimin ft. IRON?  It is just really catchy, I like her rap skills.  This is one of the songs that she performed on Unpretty Rap Star and I saw this performance and the song has been in my head ever since.  I listen to it over and over.  I can’t stop.  I am trash.

2.Who’s your favorite fictional character? Could you beat them in a fight?

My favorite fictional character, Casey, really.  You want me to try and narrow down every character ever written and read and tell you who I love the most.  This is worse than asking me to choose my favorite child.  I’m pretty sure most parents could pick a favorite even if they didn’t want to.  In any case, I just finished reading Dead Ice and despite his lack of presence in that particular book, he is my favorite character from the series so I might as well choose him.  Edward, the sociopathic vampire hunter/mercenary who may just be Anita Blake’s soul mate, but is definitely her partner in crime or law, seeing as they are both U.S. Martials.  Could I beat him in a fight. No.  Fuck no.  Jeebus, the man hunts vampires and rogue lycanthropes and was nicknamed Death.  In the same way that Anita is called The Executioner.  They are like boogey man.  They are two of the four horseman of the apocolypse.  I stand 0.0 chance of winning.

3. What are you most impatient for at this moment?

My birthday.  It is less than a month away, and I asked everyone for money so that I could buy myself a PS4 and get the new batman game, and Bloodborne, and so many other games.  I miss gaming.  My computer is not the best for it and my Xbox 360 died recently so I am hurting a bit.  I cannot wait for my birthday.  I am turning 21 and I want video games.  Adulting properly I think.

4. Take your favorite book — or a book you like a lot – and turn its title into a porn parody title. (If this is sacrilegious or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, just do some sort of spoof. I’m lenient; mostly I want creativity and bad puns!)

One Blew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
One Flew Over the Swinger’s Nest
Two Screw Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

That is the best I have for you.  I am not really in love with any of those though.

5.  Remember that favorite book above? Describe it in less than 200 characters.

A delightfully witty, heartfelt, and literally insane tale that takes place in an asylum in the 1960s where you just might learn that “The Man” is a woman and what makes someone Crazy.

6. Would you rather be made of paper or of beef wellington? Defend your decision.

Paper, because then I could use pieces of myself to make art, or write.  If I was beef wellington I would only want to eat myself, and so would anybody else.  I already don’t go outside so the wind and rain wouldn’t bother me.  I am already white as paper.  I guess I would lose a lot of weight, being two dimensional and all, but really that’s the only big change.

7. Word association time! I say “all,” you think . . .


8. When was the last time a book made you really angry?

The last book we read for book club made me frustrated at a character but not necessarily angry (you can hear me talk about what upset me here!) I think the last book that I was so mad I couldn’t finish the book was when I was a freshman in high school.  It was the third or so book in the Vampire Diaries series, yes the one that the WB show is based off of, and the author completely fucked over my favorite character to make him an asshole again, because people liked him better that way.  I was not a fan of taking someone whose growth and development I really enjoyed be fucked with by author power to become a plot element and please the fans.  Not a fan.  Definitely. Not.

9. Do you wish you read more? Why don’t you?

I do wish I read more.  During the school year reading triggers my anxiety because I feel like I should be spending my time doing something more productive.  I should be studying or reading the books I have to read for my degree rather than the books I read just for pleasure.  It is ironic because reading itself usually calms me and helps me detox the anxiety.  Now that it is summer I have the time and the lack of responsibilities to enable me to read as much as I want.  If you go look at the dates of my read books on Goodreads you will see that in the last week, or so, I have added a bunch, I mean a shit ton, of books.  I also spend a lot of time doing other things, like obsessing over kpop, playing video games, writing blog posts, watching the youtubes, daydreaming about being on the youtubes, it takes up time folks.

10. What was your most recent Google search?

Gimp.  So that I could download it and make a custom thumbnail for the newest Bibliomancy for Beginners episode. I wish it were more interesting…

11. Giving yourself 1 minute and no cheating, how many states (in the U.S.) can you name?

Apparently 27.  Which I did writing, if I could just say them out loud I think I could do more, but I have no way to keep track of how many when I say them out loud, so 27.

I hope you enjoyed my answers Casey! Most of them were really boring, I know.

I will be back on Wednesday to talk about the comics I have been reading because I realized that I have finished a bunch that have either recently come out in trade or will come out in trade as well, plus a bunch of new comics in general!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will talk to you soon!


Monday Musings: The 2014 Reading Wrap Up Edition

Despite probably having the worst year I have ever had ever, or perhaps because of the fact that I had the worst year I have ever had ever I read more books than I have since high school.

According to Goodreads I read 70 books, which might be a bit off because I don’t put all of the reading I do for school in there, but even so.  That is almost thirteen more than the year before which was twenty more than year before that.  Reading more and more I swear.  Even though I still feel like I have terrible reading slumps that never end!

I plan on doing an interactive map of my reading of last year for Friday so please look forward to that.  I also heard through the grape vine that the Bout of Books is happening this week.  I might do that, to get my 2015 reading challange WAAAAAY in the black.

Are you guys doing the bout of books?  What are you guys reading?

I have a number of graphic novels to finish as well as American Gods for Bibliomancy … then whatever novels I can put my hands on while I’m home.

This has been the first Monday Musing of the year … and I hope I can at least keep this segment up through the next semester.  School always hinders my ability to do the things I love.  Like … read … and blog … and do anything other than school work.  We shall see.  We shall seeeee.