Betwixt the Books Discuss! Some People Want to Read Your Sh!t

So this hangout actually occured a week ago but I figured that I should post it sooner rather than later in the hopes that it would still be somewhat topical.

This was Gretchen and my sort of response to a fellow booktuber declaring to the community that he would not read unsolicited material for free.  This led to discussions of policy and reviewing, endorsements, ethics, all sorts of stuff.  If that sounds like your jam then please watch the discussion.  We also really want any sort of input that people can give us on the topic.  Is he right, are we?

There we are!  I hope you guys enjoyed it!  Still going strong on the post something every day front! *laughs because it is only the second of September*



Now some of you might be saying, of course Michaela you have been going on and on about how sore your wallet is from getting a job at Barnes and Noble.

To which I say, this is true but I now have two jobs, and one of those is a real deal full time adult job.

The new job?  Library Circulation Assistant~

I will be working in a library.  You cannot comprehend how excited I am about that!

This is actually part of the reason that this post is a day late.  I am dealing with some personal issues at the moment but I went in yesterday to actually finalize a bunch of things for the library job.  All of the long boring paper work.

I still have to go in and get a drug test because I will be employed by the city and therefor I need to not have drugs in my system (laughs for days, I dont do drugs and haven’t even had a contact high … like … I have no idea what high feels like. I haven’t even been drunk really … tipsy, sure but drunk? psssshhhh).

I start there on the 21st and there is a slight chance that my blog stuff will slow down, (because even with my part time job at Barnes and Noble that I still have btw I will have like no days off) but I am going to make an effort not to drop of the face of the earth and Gretchen is gonna keep me on point for that.

So, I thought I would update you guys about that.

Also, reminders for upcoming things.

We had to push back the #imbibliomancy on Station Eleven back a week or two so you have time to read that now if you haven’t already and join us for the discussion.

Gretchen and I will also have another live discussion video coming up, we haven’t decided the theme yet but that will be happening on a Tuesday afternoon toward the end of the month!