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Am I a Hoarder?

So, while this isn’t a lovely review for you guys, like I was planning (I haven’t been able to finish anything this week) I figured it was something I could talk about and maybe you guys would empathize with the things that are going on in my life.

If you saw my post yesterday where I talked about moving out then you know that I have been trying to pack my life away in boxes and get it on its way over to a different city.  Well I knew I had a lot of books … I just didn’t realize how many different places I had squirreled them away.


I have the large bookcase that is often behind me in videos, but I have a smaller one next to my bed, and an even smaller one on the other side (that admittedly houses not just books).  Then there are the books next to my bed, books in piles on the floor, books in my car, books under pillows in bed.  Anywhere a book could possibly be, there is probably a book.


I don’t own that many things.  If I’m honest my life fits into one pretty small room, most of it just happens to be in the form of books.

We all say, well its a collection.  I’m building a collection of these pieces of paper with ink splotches all over.  In part, I think I am, but I also know … I just want them.

I want to have them.  I think they are pretty.  I think they are objects with value and import.  I want them in my life, around me.  They make me happy.

I realized, that this is what hoarders say.  I can’t throw away that particular can off food because what if I want it, or I need it.  That is probably problematic thinking, but its a book right.  It doesn’t have an expiration date.  I can read it today, tomorrow, next week, three years from now.  It won’t go bad.  I will just keep getting more and more.


Maybe one day I will turn into a minimalist and donate all my books to charity, but as of today, I think I’m okay with being found dead in my house under a mountain of stuff … if that mountain of stuff is books.

I will be packing and moving them all.  They are coming with me.  I already purged once this year, can’t be doing anything too life changing … while doing other life changing things. Oh well.