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January 2018 Book Releases for Children

I’ve been working on a way to share the books that are coming out each month for kids with you guys and it has been hard to find a system that I like, I am going to keep playing around with it but for me, browsing the cover art is helpful since they tell you a lot about a book and also lets you know whether your kids will be interested in it.

This month I tried making a Pinterest Board that would allow you to scroll through the covers and click on something interesting.  The link brings you right to the Goodreads pages for the titles which include the release dates, reviews, genre denominations and links to buy the books.  Let me know if this works for you guys because aesthetically I do think that it is a great idea.

As far as new releases go, there were significantly fewer this month.  Which makes sense as most people don’t want to spend money after Christmas, they did all their shopping the last few months and are backing up, but there are a few books coming out that are worth looking at.

Again, let me know how you feel about this format of release round up and any other commentary, suggestions, or critiques are welcome as well.

Happy New Year!


Books, Children, Musings

The “Types” of Kids Books Explained by a Bookseller

This is technically a backlist video that I made way back at the beginning of the year, but I felt it might be helpful to post it here as well.  The room I was filming in was sweltering  despite it being  the middle of winter and I broke out an old camisole to wear and it wasn’t until I was editing that I realized it looked as if I wasn’t wearing  a shirt.  Oops.  Nothing R rated, just a bit too risque for my liking.  Apologies for that.


Hopefully this was at least a little bit helpful and I can help you guys with any more questions you may have in the comments, through email, or on any of the social medias.