Monday Musings: A Call for Time Management Help!

So, you might have noticed that the number of books I have been reading and reviewing has dramatically dropped since I have started working in general, but now that I am working two jobs I am unsure of when I will have time to eat and sleep let alone read and relax.

So I am coming to you.  I need your tips and tricks for finding the time to relax.  I am one of those people who gets so focused on work I even forget to take my breaks on time so honestly I need it.

I think the biggest problem for me is that when I read I prefer to set a large chunk of time aside for it and spend that time experiencing the reading process.  I curl up in bed, put on some quiet music, if I have a candle I might light that and then settle in to read.  I know a lot of people read whenever they can.  Fifteen minutes on their break, while commuting, etc. but I have a hard time focusing in short bursts, and I drive to work.

I do think I’m going to try and listen to audio books while I drive, seeing as I have an hour commute both ways but I don’t have very many of those to listen to at the moment and I have all of the physical book.

So your tips are greatly needed!

Please and thank you in advance!

Gretchen and I will be live streaming when I get out of work tomorrow and discuss this weird hierarchy of genres when it comes to books.  So do look out for that.

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