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My Comic Project

No, I’m not writing my own comic (although I have had ideas about one… I just don’t think my art is strong enough for that yet…).  I am however doing some art stuff for my home.

I bought two big things to do some art on to hang somewhere in my home eventually and the first one I wanted was to recreate some of my favorite comic cover art.  The first one is probably way too ambitious and I am probably going to tear my hair out over it but I’m at the very least going to try.

I might update you guys as I continue on it but for this first post I figured I would tell you how I am going about turning a comic book cover into a painting big enough to go on my wall.

The cover in question is from the third issue of Low:


My first step, as I did not want to deface my comic, was to print out a picture of the cover that I could write on.  I then divided up the cover into a grid that I would use to assist me in transfering the image’s size.  (Trust me it super difficult to change the size of something without the grid because it helps keep everything relative to everything else.


I labelled the grid and measured the size of the board I was tranferring to so that I could use a ruler and mark out a grid exactly like the one on my print out, but a little over three times larger.


This of course was followed by me sketching out the image, which I am still technically in the profess of doing.  Once that is done I will use clear gesso to seal the board before I begin painting so that it doesn’t deteriorate.  Then come the fun part!  Paint.


It might look a little like a mess right now, but soon friends I promise it will be something great for me to hang up in my home.

If anyone is interested in the continuation of this process as I work on it, just let me know and I will be glad to show some more pictures.

Just a reminder that this is not my original art, it is someone else’s.  I am not going to be selling this or making prints of it because it is not my art to do so with.  I simply wanted something beautiful to hang in my home.  It will not be a perfect replica because I am not half the artist that Greg Tocchini is but I will do my best.

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#imbibliomancy: Death Vigil by Stjepan Sejic Review (Bibliomancy for Beginners Book Club)

Remember how once a month we do drunk book club?  Well this is the last one of Taylor and Gretchen’s undergraduate careers, so its a momentous occasion.  Honestly it is one of our best discussions as well.


Series Title: Death Vigil
Volume Number: 1
Collected Issues: #1-8
Writer: Stjepan Sejic
Illustrator: Stjepan Sejic
Publisher: Image Comics
Page #: 284
Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Hope you guys enjoy this!  If you want to know what we are reading next and when the live streams are scheduled you should definitely check out the Bibliomancy page up above and follow the book club’s social media.  We have a bunch of fun!

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Moon Knight: Volume 1: From the Dead

Series Title: Moon Knight
Volume # and Title: 1: From the Dead
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Collected Issues: #1-6
Page #: 136

This being the only trade I got that wasn’t published by Image.  This is in part due to the fact that I have not been enthralled with Marvel and DC comics for a while.  They have stories and characters that I love, but I haven’t really been interested enough to buy something new in a while.  This was the first thing that has stood out to me in a while and I’m glad that I got it.

I loved the art in this comic particularly, it is both beautiful and creepy.

If you don’t know who Moon Knight is then this is a great trade to pick up.  It is able to give you Moon Knight’s entire origin story in about two pages.  You get the character development in the rest of the book.  If you are familiar with Moon Knight you get to see him in action without having to traipse through the origin story again.

Rather than these comics being a handful that loop into one story arc, they are all self sufficient. They would probably be better read as monthly issues.  There isn’t really an overarching plot here, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just isn’t ideal for the trade format.

I hear that they have a new writer for the next trade so we might get an overarching plot for the next couple of issues. I’ll keep reading this series. It wasn’t disappointing. It wasn’t the best book I read but it wasn’t bad either.

If you are looking for an interesting super hero in the Marvel Universe that isn’t one of the top contenders you might want to look into Moon Knight.


Beauty and What it Means to Me

I have been told that I have the inherent ability to see the beauty in things.  I can look at a person and know that somewhere within is a kind but timid creature peeking through the eyes of the strong mask they have created in their own defense.  I can look at the weakness in the petals of a flower and know that they are beautiful to trick the insects into working for them not because the color matches their eyes.  I can see the way the water looks painted on while it rushes past me, misting my face and hands.  I can see all this beauty around me and though I know there is a lot residing within me, it alludes me.

For this reason I often feel like creating something.  I write down the stories I tell myself in my head hoping they touch others as they stroke my own creativity to life.  I sketch and paint things the way that I see them within me while making sure to stay true to the things they show the world.  The one thing I regret is that as I attempt to put these things to paper, to share them with others, the beauty is often lost.

Inside my head is where the images and scenes shine brightest; pure.  The pale replicas I put out into the world worry me because they show only bits and pieces of the purity they have shown to me.  How can I weave beautiful truths if they are such transparent lies?

How do I make something beautiful when I can’t build it up but am constantly tearing it down?

How do I improve?

How do I move forward?

All I have is faith that those tiny sparks against the dull background are enough for someone else to recognize what is there.  I can hope that others who hold this gift in their hearts can also see what is there.  I can look for kindred spirits and call out to them, soundlessly.

Like an inaudible Pied Piper.  The same that calls to me now.