Sometimes I’m a Slacker but sometimes my slacking is mostly just in cross promoting.

So we know I haven’t been posting here super consistently… still trying to get back in the swing of things.  I swear to god I can do the thing.  I did it for five months, posting almost every day.  Depression and anxiety can wreck a person I tell you.  I did however have consistant content elsewhere that needs to migrate over here.


In order to get myself back into the habit of blogging I am going to try and post something every day in September.  Will I succeed?  YES.  (I figure if I’m optimistic I might actually finish something I start.)  Will it all by mind blowing content… of course not.  I might choose to do something silly once … or twice. The goal is just to get myself used to doing this every day again.  To talking with you guys because I do miss it.  I just kind of panic and feel guilty.




Starting today … oh wait its still August for a few more days.  Starting …. THURSDAY!  I will have a post for you every day, even Sunday.  You know what … what the heck STARTING TODAY!  I got no reason not to start today.  You guys ready for all of the content?  Well too bad because its coming.


I need to put on my big girl pants and crack on.  Here we go!

P.S. I like the acronym B.E.D.S. for Blog Every Day in September because it feels safe and cozy.  What do you think?


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Currently Reading Comics a Tweet Saga

Even though I have been clearly neglecting my blog this semester it is because I am in deep when it comes to school work.  I’m learning Chinese and playing catch up because I started with second semester Chinese rather than first semester Chinese.  I might be an idiot but I’m learning quickly, at least hopefully I am.

I have still been tweeting about the books I plan on reading and the comics I’ve been keeping track of so if you need updates or mini review, by all means follow me.

Also there will be a Special Spring Break episode of Bibliomancy where Taylor and I discuss Kelly Link’s new collection of short stories so look forward to that.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about doing more video reviews, making Bibliomancy into a Podcast and maybe starting up another podcast with Taylor wherein we discuss topical things like comics, movies, literature, and K-pop.  All my great loves in one place.

There will be things to post here.  I swear it.

I don’t know when exactly I will talk to you next, but I’m not done here.  I love it and I will keep up with it.


This isn’t a Sunday Spam

Not even in the slightest.  My holiday has been filled with things and running around as it always is.  I’m still recovering from last semester.  I am trying to prepare for next semester.  I wanted to do a December wrap up post when I never even finished my November one.

Honestly I will do these things.  I will get them together for you.  I plan on it.  I am free most of this week and will put in the time here.  Hopefully.

I’ve been doing a lot of really great things for the Bibliomancy book club.  We have a twitter exclusively for that now so if you only want to get book club news you should go follow @bibliomancy101 and while you are reading your books if you live tweet you should use the hashtag #beginbibliomancy.  We also have a Vine and an Instagram which are both @bibliomancy4beginners.

We did one episode which I am sure you guys saw and another one is in the works for next week.  If you need an excuse to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman this is it.  Get to it!  If you already read it you should come back next week for our video discussion.  All of the links and stuff will be presented to you through the bibliomancy twitter or my own twitter, whichever you prefer.

I have plans for upcoming posts I just need to take the time to put the words on the page.  It will get done I promise.  TT.TT



Mon-Tuesday Musings: The Reason I Hide Away Sometimes

Sooo … *whistles and shuffles feet* I have been gone for about a week.


I didn’t mean to be.

However, I have realized, that when I am disappointed or sad … I have a tendency to draw into myself.  I am in general an introverted person.  I enjoy spending time in small groups of people every once in a while but most of the time I am perfectly happy and content to be on my own.  However when I am upset even attempting to spend time with those small groups becomes tedious and I live in my own bubble.

Admittedly this also means I draw away from the internet communities that I am a part of.  Including my blog.

Tonight we will have a new book club episode that was postponed due to everyone being terribly busy last week.

Tomorrow I will post that on here and I have things written out for the rest of this weeks posts.  I don’t know how or when I will feel the need to be by myself again, but it does happen from time to time.

I dunno, it could be worse though.

I hope you guys had a better week than I did and that the week to come is good to you as well.