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April Monthly Pull

I was going to do a weekly pull, but I realized I don’t buy that many comics at once so it might be wiser to talk about what I read in a month.

Here is the toddling baby of that idea that hopefully will grow and flourish later… because its a bit of a mess right now.

Hope this wasn’t too cringe worthy.  I will be back on Friday for a review so get excited about that!

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Betwixt the Books: Bookish Resolutions

Gretchen and I took the time to make another video for you guys in which we talk about all of our bookish and blog related goals for the year.  I hope you are excited because we are both trying something new for once.

If you missed my post yesterday wherein I gave my TBR for the reading challenge that Gretchen and I are participating in be sure to check that out!

I will leave this to past me and Gretchen now to tell you all about our plans!

I hope you enjoyed!

What are your reading resolutions?

I will be back with a comic review tomorrow so look forward to that!

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New Years Resolutions or My First TBR

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will know that I have decided to do a reading challenge for the first time in 2016.  I have always done the Goodreads Challenge (at least since starting Goodreads) but it isn’t something I stick to really closely, I use it mostly as a bench mark to gage my reading from year to year.  This year I am doing an actual challenge that is going to push me out of my comfort zone.

Now, I don’t normally plan my reading.  I read whatever I want, when I want.  I go to the library and walk around and grab a book that looks interesting, I hear about a book and immediately go and seek it out, I pick up a book that has been on my shelves for a few days or a few years.  For this reason I was a bit nervous about completing my challenge.  If I’m just picking up books willy-nilly I might get to September and realize I need to read 20 very specific books and then get bogged down not being able to read what I want.

For this reason the other day I made a new shelf on Goodreads, titled 2016 Reading Challenge and went through the categories and picked books that I either own or were on my TBR that fit.

Have I mentioned which challenge I’m doing?  No.  Oh, oops.  Well I’m doing the Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge!

Here is my tentative TBR, I might switch some of these out for other books that fit the categories if they catch my eye during the year and I purposely left the easy categories blank for something along the way.

  1. A Book Based on a Fairy Tale:
  2. A National Book Award winner:
  3. A YA Bestseller:
    Eon (Eon, #1)
  4. A Book You Haven’t Read Since High School:
  5. A Book Set In Your Home State:
  6. A Book Translated into English:
  7. A Romance Set in the Future:
  8. A Book Set in Europe:
  9. A Book Under 150 Pages:
  10. A New York Times Bestseller:
  11. A Book That’s Becoming a Movie This Year:
    Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)
  12. A Book Recommended by Someone You Just Met:
    (open for a bookseller to recommend me something)
  13. A Self-Improvement Book:
  14. A Book You Can Finish in a Day:
    (open because I don’t know what I can finish in a day until I do it)
  15. A Book Written by a Celebrity:
  16. A Political Memoir:
  17. A Book at least 100 Years Older than You:
  18. A Book that is more than 600 Pages:
  19. A Book from Oprah’s Book Club:
  20. A Science-Fiction Novel:
  21. A Book Recommended by a Family Member:
    (open because this easy enough to get at some point)
  22. A Graphic Novel:
  23. A Book that is Published in 2016:
  24. A Book with a Protagonist who has your Occupation:
    (On the Job Hunt Currently will update when I gain a Job)
  25. A Book that Takes Place During the Summer:
  26. A Book and its Prequel:
     (prequel to Jane Eyre seen earlier on this list)
  27. A Murder Mystery:
  28. A Book Written by a Comedian:
  29. A Dystopian Novel:
  30. A Book with a Blue Cover:
    (open because so incredibly easy to achieve)
  31. A Book of Poetry:
  32. The First Book you see in a Bookstore:
  33. A Classic from the 20th Century:
  34. A Book from the Library:
  35. An Autobiography:
  36. A Book About a Road Trip:
  37. A Book About a Culture you are Unfamiliar With:
  38. A Satirical Book:
  39. A Book that Takes Place on an Island:
  40. A Book that’s Guaranteed to Bring You Joy:

Are you doing a reading challenge this year? If so which one?  If not, that’s cool too, I don’t know if I’m going to like this or not so I might only do it this year.

I should also mention that these books don’t include all of the books for book club or with Gretchen or any number of other books that I might get my hands on.  So this is not a definitive list of my books for the year.  I’m just going to use it as a guideline for when I want to read something.  The books on this list that I already own have been pulled out and placed on the shelf next to my bed so that when I’m in the mood to read I can pull one of these instead of something else.

This of course isn’t my only New Years Resolution but to hear about that you will have to wait for the video that Gretchen and I put together talking about our Bookish Resolutions for the year.