For Parents

I spent two thirds of a year working exclusively in the children’s section of my local Barnes and Noble.

Unfortunately, due to an incident with the management team, I felt that for my own personal mental health and general well being I needed to resign, as my skills were more than under appreciated: they were thrown in my face as faults because my beliefs did not match the company’s.

I was focusing on my community, attempting to build a department that had the items that my customers were asking for, but was told the company had experts doing that and these decisions were above my pay grade.  I needn’t worry myself or waste company time and money doing research on the best audio books or little known hi-lo texts as there were people who had already done that for me.  Numbers never lie.

Well, I think that I have something the numbers don’t, and that is a genuine love of reading that I found I was incredibly good at spreading.  It didn’t matter to me if I had to spend fifteen minutes on one reluctant reader, there was a book that they would not just read but enjoy, and might open their minds  to the possibility that books weren’t so bad after all.

Nobody is born a reluctant reader, either they struggled more than their peers and find that embarrassing, or were continually told by someone they trust that they just aren’t the reading type.  We take these labels into ourselves.  It only takes some time, passion, and excitement to open a child’s mind to the endless possibilities that books have to offer.

For parents with kids who devour books , don’t worry I hear you too.  I spent more money in that section than I honestly should have.  I would choose an $8 book over lunch some days, but it was important for me to be able to talk to the kids about the books.  It wasn’t just showing them which books were new, it was showing them which books were new AND AWESOME.

I am more than willing to do what I do best for free.  I wasn’t doing it for the money in the first place.  I was there, first and foremost for the kids, parents,  and teachers who came in looking for great books, new and old.

So here I am.  If you would like specific recommendations feel free to email me personally, or tweet, message on whatever platform works for you.  I love to hear from you all and am more than happy to help.

Happy Reading!

On the job, ready to get silly and dance for kids in March 2017. I really did work in the store, and I loved it. I just couldn’t take the management’s lack of respect or care for the “product” that we sold. For some kids, the books behind me would be best friends, a solace from a scary world, a moments respite from sadness that they aren’t equipped to deal with. I would know … they were for me.