Blog Schedule/Disclaimer

Blog Schedule:

Mondays: Musings – a status update or a ramble about some thinking topic may or may not pertain to books… (often does)

Wednesdays: Comic Book Day! – talking about some of the graphic novels and comics I’ve been reading.

Fridays: Book Stuff – reviews, series wrap ups, book lists, seasonal reading wrap ups, or #fridayreads you won’t know until it shows up.

Sundays: Weekly Wrap Up of everything on the Betwixt the Books Family Sites.


Everything I post is my own personal opinion from musings to book reviews.  You can take anything I say with a grain of salt. Due to the fact that there are billions of people on this rock it is likely that some differing opinions exist.  If you don’t trust what I think you are more than welcome to make up your own mind!  I like to speak honestly and I won’t leave something out because it might offend someone, I’m allowed to my opinion same as you.

If there is something you would like me to review by all means get in touch with me.

I read pretty much anything, it will take me longer to read certain genres like High Fantasy because they aren’t my usual cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I won’t read it, I am open to suggestions.

I will say that if you are a young adult author or publisher you should ask my blog partner Gretchen (same email as we are two blogs working together) to review it for you because she lives and breathes YA where as I focus mostly in adult fiction.  However I am open to it as well!

I hope you have a great day.

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