About Betwixt the Books

Welcome to the Betwixt the Book Family!

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My name is Michaela, I used to be a children’s bookseller.  I had so many people in my community that were disappointed when I left that I felt it was paramount to remain a resource.  I moved my shtick online.  While I’m no longer being paid for my services, it was never really about the money.  If you are looking for content more marketable at the young adult audience go check out my sister blogger, Gretchen at My Life is a Notebook.

afterlight (2)This lovely lady is bringing all of the Young Adult reviews you could ever ask for. Part of this joint effort is to bring new content to both of our audiences, and that may mean that I pick up something I wouldn’t have ordinarily, based on her suggestions, and vice versa.

Together we are Betwixt the Books.

You might also have found us through the book club that we host together Bibliomancy for Beginners, which you can learn more about here!  We have been discussing books together since 2013 and have no plans to stop any time soon.

We have a booktube channel of the same name where we talk about everything bookish.  If you don’t mind hearing about the adult horror book I’m currently into or the historical documentary she watched it is a good place to get a taste for all of our content without needing to hop around the internet.

We hope that you enjoy your time here and find a little bit of everything across our joint efforts.


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