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Summer Recommendations!

I figured that since I haven’t finished reading anything in a while I should talk about books I’m excited to pick up… or I think you might be excited to pick up.  I’m going to talk about three books that are coming out this month that I will hopefully be reading asap as well as three books that I’ve already read that I think would be good summer reads for you!

Let’s start with the shiny new books!

26869838The most stereotypical summer book on this list will be coming out the 28th of June.  If you couldn’t tell by the cover this is a fluffy contemporary young adult romance book.  Now I don’t often dip into this genre, partially because the pg nature of young adult romances kind of makes me uncomfortable, but I also feel like most of them don’t accurately depict love in the first place.  However, I figured I would add it to the list to show you guys an option that I think would fit most people’s idea of what a summer book is.  Light, fluffy, romance, and easy to read.  All of those boxes were checked with this one, so I thought I would mention it.

26893819Let’s go from that, to what is probably the complete opposite side of the spectrum.  I hadn’t heard of this one before my boss pointed out how excited she was for it to come out on the 14th.  This is a suspense thriller taking most of its inspiration from the Manson murders.  One girl who longs to be free loving finds herself caught up in something that is a little more than sinister.  This is definitely right up my ally and while it lacks the light fluffy nature of your traditional summer reads, sometimes the heat and the light help keep the spooks out of the closets and under the bed.  Plus the cover is striking and who doesn’t like pretty things.

26210464This next book comes out the 21st of June, and is actually the third in a series that Hogarth Press are putting out where popular contemporary authors rewrite popular Shakespeare stories.  This is a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew which is actually one that I might not have read.  It is hard to say because I have had to read so many Shakespeare plays throughout my years in school.  One play for each year in high school, some during the obligatory Shakespeare course for English majors at Ithaca, some for the survey class of Renaissance romances, too many to count and I’m not a particular fan of any of them.  I do, however, like quite a few Shakespeare retellings so maybe this will be more my jam.  We shall see?  What do you think?

On to the books I actually have an authority to speak about… at least in part …because I have already read them and think they match the summer vibe beautifully.

23282174This one you might recognize because I read it recently.  I did not however give it a full review which some of you might have been a bit upset about.  Well here, have a mini review.  I felt this book was a little bit weird to say the least and while I don’t think it accomplished everything it set out to successfully I think it would be a great summer read.  Aside from the fact that it takes place in a town that is a popular vacation spot near a lake, but it has to do with love and lust and the things we keep secret from each other, or at the very least assume are our own secrets.  It has a bit of horror and a bit of magical realism and whole lot of pain and guilt but hey, not every summer book needs to be happy.

43615This is one that I read last year around this time and fell head over heels in love with.  I was a fan of Stephen King’s writing but hadn’t looked into this one because I haven’t been a big fan of fantasy and looking at this I just knew it was going to be fantasy based.  What I didn’t realize was that it isn’t just fantasy, it isn’t just a western, it isn’t even just a meta pile of metaness, it is a masterpiece.  I honestly think that this series is one of his best and probably the one thing that I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried Stephen King before.  There isn’t really any horror in this one if you don’t like horror don’t worry.  This is just the story of one man chasing another man in order to get the information he needs and to do justice.

18209454Those of you with keen eyes for detail and an astounding memory for exclusive fandom t-shirts might have noticed that in some of my videos I am wearing a Veronica Mars t-shirt.  Yes, I did contribute to the Kickstarter for that film, and yes I did love it, and yes I did pick up this book to read it, and yes I did love it.  I did listen to the audio book and Kristen Bell does narrate this one so it was just a really lovely really long Veronica Mars Episode.  If you have never experienced the joy that is this tiny ball of snark and sleuthing then this might be a good way to get a taste of it… or you could just watch the show because it is one of my favorites.  It takes place in southern California so lots of house parties and rich kids partying.

We have reached the end my friends.  These are the books that I thought I would share with you folks and let you know a few of my thought on.  This weekend I’m planning to get at least a little bit of reading done so hopefully we can get back on the review train soon.


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