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Monday Musings: Genrethon Wrap Up!

Woo!  I am back!  My vacation was lovely thanks for asking!  The hiatus really helped with that.  I think I was getting a little bit burnt out with all of the hours I was working and trying to maintain the blog as well.  I didn’t have as much time to think about what exactly I wanted to post and so I was just making content that I could rather than the content that I wanted to.

Time to get excited again!  Definitely feeling rejuvenated.

First, though, we must finish what we started.  Before this whole hiatus nonsense I proclaimed that I would be participating in the Genrethon.  Since I was on hiatus when that ended I didn’t get to tell you about the books that I read for it!  Well don’t worry, I’m going to start off by telling you exactly what I read and then we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Here is that video:

There we are, if all goes well then Gretchen and I will be back tomorrow with a new discussion live stream.  We want to talk about book guilt or readers guilt!  Talk to you then!


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