Mini Hiatus Announcement

I’m sure you guys have been floored by my ability to maintain posting so far this year at least once a week, generally four or five times a week, even up to every single day.  However, that is about to change.

Although only for a week.  Gretchen and I have decided that starting the 16th and until the 24th we will be on hiatus.

If you want to hear more we filmed a video announcement as well, although that is pretty much the gist of it.  I’m going on vacation and there are a number of events going on at the college that Gretchen is participating or volunteering at and this is on top of her hard core work schedule and writing her thesis.  The girl is cray.


In any case we have a few more posts to finish up this week and then it will be going dark.  Anything I get done this week will be scheduled for the future so don’t worry we will be back and perhaps even better than ever… perhaps just the same old, same old.


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