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My Intimidating TBR Tag

So, if you have been following Gretchen and I for a while you might have noticed that we are really bad with TBRs.  When we saw this tag circulating we figured that we were probably the perfect candidates to answer these questions.

If you want to see Gretchen’s answers to this tag then you should head right on over here:

If you want to do the tag I highly recommend it, hopefully someone can respond to your answers with something that can persuade you to pick something up despite it being a little bit scary in one way or another.

Speaking of which, if you have read any of the books I mention and think they are especially worth it, or not so worth it, by all means let me know in the comments below.

I believe I will be back tomorrow with a weekly pull for you guys, and by weekly I mean a pull of a bunch of comics that I have behind on and picked up the back issues for.


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