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My Love Hate Relationship with Fantasy

We are now entering the final days of Michaela does all the things on youtube.  This is the penultimate Gretchen free video … at least until I do a solo video for my own reasons.  In any case, I figured I would take the opportunity of having the audience to myself to ask for some help figuring out what exactly it is about Fantasy that pulls me in and then disappoints me so much.

Tomorrow I am gonna talk about my favorite genre, Horror!  I will recommend some of my favorites and give you some tips on where to start.  Talk to you then!


7 thoughts on “My Love Hate Relationship with Fantasy”

  1. I totally agree with this, I’ve read good and bad and it really just depends on the story I guess 😁 but I can never full heartedly say I love fantasy

    1. My two best friends love it though so I kind of feel like I’m one of those people with gene that makes cilantro taste bad (I’m not it tastes delicious but I feel bad for the people who don’t like it and you get it, simile) ..

      1. Oh my god that analogy was perfect. And my best friend loves it and is constantly trying to get me to read stuff, and I’ve read some classics but not a lot of newer stuff 😞

      2. I would recommend The Kingkiller Chronicals… it takes a while to get good… well to be honest it starts good gets sucky for about 100 pages and then gets good and stays good through the first book and the entirety of the second. But yeah, most fantasy stuff I’m either like … meh it was alright or full on can’t finish it its so boring.

      3. I totally agree, I’ll look into those! My friend had me start game of thrones and it’s a good story and excellent writing but it’s so long and dense that it’s taken me around two months to read and it’s killing me. Especially because there are so many. I may just pick up the tv show instead 😂 I must say I did enjoy Sarah J Mass’s books even if I didn’t fully expect to. They are pretty easy and fun because of the romance aspect to it! Unless there’s a lot of action or romance I probably won’t like it 😂

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