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Mini Used Book Haul~!

So if you saw my Monday Musing post you would know that I got a new job at a library.  I am starting my life as an actual full fledged adult.  As a reward to myself for doing something terrifying and putting myself out there for a job that I honestly thought I had no chance at all in getting (that I ended up getting!) I bought a few books.  I spent $12 on all of these so you can’t blame me too much.  It was buy 4 get the 5th free.  Who wouldn’t get stuff at those prices?

284066Alright I lied, this one I bought full price, well with my sweet, sweet Barnes and Noble Employee discount, but I swear all the rest of the books on this list were second hand.  Promise. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle has been going around booktube lately and it was one of the Murakami books that caught my eye.  I think Kafka on the Shore is still my current favorite but I have been collecting his other books in order to see whether or not there is something better.  This one might be a contender. We shall see.  This is such a beautiful copy and I had to have it.  I swear, pretty things will be the death of me.

16481836The next book actually counted as three because it is split up into 3 volumes.  2666 is often considered Roberto Bolaño’s best work.  I have been endeavoring to read more translated fiction and this has been one that I have wanted for a while.  When I saw all three parts sitting on that shelf I knew I had to get it even if it meant I would get 2 fewer books in the deal.  It is rumored that there was another part that Bolaño didn’t finish before he died.  I know it will be life changing whenever I get around to reading it, but again, three volumes, its huge.  I am still intimidated by big books.  This is something I definitely need to get over, especially since a number of the books on this list are quite large.

10357575Speaking of books published in volumes… also Murakami, IQ84 is also on this list!  I told you I was collecting his other notable works!  This is the bind up edition so I didn’t have to lose precious book counts with it but it is a huge book because of it.  I feel a little like breaking it down into volumes would make it easier to get through, because you feel like you are getting somewhere faster, I’m not sure.  In any case, another book I have of Murakami’s that I hope to get to.  I might have to dedicate a month this year to Murakami, who knows?

9328The House of the Spirits is the next book on this list.  Again, translated fiction!  I was so glad to see all of these great works by authors who speak other languages.  Isabel Allende is another big name in Spanish Speaking Literature.  I think this is her most popular work, or perhaps her most known in the English speaking sphere.  In any case I know it follows several generations of one family and has magical realism elements.  All things I like to read about so it was an easy pick!  Perhaps, as well as a dedicated month to Murakami I should do a dedicated month to translated works, although I think I have been doing a pretty good job of spreading those out this year.  I’ve already read several.

20312470The Storied Life of A.J. Fickery is one that I have heard much talk about.  Its a New York Time’s Bestseller so I know its popular.  I am not entirely sure what the plot of this one is, but I’m sure it follows A.J. Fikry around.  Sometimes I succumb to hype too guys.  I don’t know the plot though, so I can’t be too hyped.  In any case we shall see what I think of this one.  It was less than $2 so it was probably one of the free ones I got from the second hand store.  It couldn’t hurt.

Niffenegger_TTW_mech.inddOne of my closest friends in high school read this book and she really loved it so again, when I saw it and it was so cheap I had to pick it up.  The Time Traveler’s Wife is, as you would expect, a love story involving a time traveler, but from my understanding his time traveling is random and against his will.  I’m not sure exactly how the mechanics work but magical realism and a love story.  Let’s see how this one goes.  I bet it will be interesting if nothing else.  I trust her opinion in any case.

374147Now this is a book I already own.  So why did I pick up a second copy of Memoirs of a Geisha?  Because my original copy, also bought second hand but by my mother years ago, was missing the last two chapters.  Who would cut out the last two chapters of a book.  In any case I wanted a whole copy for my collection and I like this cover a bit better.  My other copy was the mass market paperback with the painted geisha face.  This one is much nicer in my opinion.  I’m thinking of doing a Flicks episode on this one because I have yet to see the film and I might reread it before watching it as well.  We shall see.

43641Water for Elephants is a book that I have wanted for a while.  I have not seen the film and yet I was intrigued.  A story that takes place in a circus.  Um, yes?  I hadn’t read many circus books in a while when Gretchen and I read The Gracekeepers and realized that I do enjoy the ambiance they give off.  I’m not sure whether this one will have the same feel but its always an interesting idea.  Who didn’t want to run off and join the circus at one point or other growing up… well me, it was scary, but I did fantasize about being an acrobat for a day.  I don’t think I would have liked it very much had I been part of it permanently.  In any case, another candidate for a Flicks episode if I get around to reading it soon.

19501This one I picked up because I needed a memoir for my pop sugar challenge.  I don’t read many memoirs and my mom read this one when it first came out.  She didn’t like it very much but said it had some interesting elements so I figured I would pick it up and give it a try.  At the very least I know it is readable because of its bestseller status.  There is also a movie with this one so, yay! another Flicks candidate.  This is one of the pros of picking up so many bestsellers which so often find their ways to second hand stores because people get caught up in the hype and then don’t want them.  Travel memoir should be interesting if not the best written.

You might have noticed that many of these books aside from being bestsellers are also pretty securely marketed at women or would be considered part of the Chick Lit category of fiction.  If you haven’t seen my Tuesday post on female spaces in literature I would recommend it because I wanted to talk about how these books are considered lesser than other fiction pieces simply because their target audience is women.  I want to read and discuss more because their intended audience shouldn’t discount the benefits or the merit of these books.  In any case, this is a really good haul for the price and I’m excited to add these to my shelves.  Will I get to them soon, maybe.  Will I get to them eventually? Definitely.  I don’t like having too big of a TBR on my shelves so its time to buckle down and read.


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