#girlgamer: What I’ve been Playing

So some of you might know that I play games and have since I was little.  When I was very young it was mostly hand held games like Pokemon but when I got my first real console the PlayStation 2 I was so ecstatic.


I also played games on my computer and now I have my PS4 and one really shit laptop when it comes to gaming, its great for other things though so I can’t be too mad.


That PS4 has a lot of the games I’ve been obsessed with lately.  Bloodborne being the most addicting for me.  It is also the most frustrating.  I think I have been stuck on the same two bosses for months (to be fair I haven’t played anything all that much in those months because I was reading again!).  The thing that initially drew me to Bloodborne was the world design.  You are running around this weird decrepit and twisted Victorian setting.  Everyone roaming the streets is in the process of turning into some form of beasts.  There are a few people who are still lucid and will talk to you through doors, but most just want you to leave.  There is barely any story to the game which is confusing to me because I often need a really good story to keep motivated.  One of the reasons I don’t play multiplayer games very often is that I get bored with the repetition without a story.  Yet I’m able to stay engaged with this game.  Perhaps its the challenge.  Perhaps its the mystery.  I’m not sure but I do enjoy it very much and I would recommend playing it if you ever get the chance.


On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Stardew Valley came out on steam and I’m in love with that.  I loved Harvest Moon for the Gamecube when I was growing up.  I have fond memories of lying on a giant bean bag chair with Batman the Animated Series or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on in the background as I ran around giving people random trash I found on the ground on a tiny little box tv/vhs player combo.  Am I dating myself here?  #90skid?  My friend laughed at me when I streamed it because I had unintentionally been playing hard mode.  I had spent a whole year of farming without increasing my backpacks capacity or upgrading any of my tools.  I was too busy doing all of the things you can do in this game.  Its as if Harvest Moon had a baby and it is brilliant.  You can make friends, you can farm, you can even go on dungeon crawls and fight monsters.  The only fault I can see is that the mechanics for fishing is the actual worst. If you are the type of person who wants a chill simulator game this is probably more your speed.


I’m sorry this was a bit of a rushed post, I’ve been behind all week.  Dealing with stuff and I got sick on Thursday and the whole day was a wash pretty much.  I will be posting the last couple posts I’m behind on throughout the day today though and hopefully next week will be a bit better.  I have Sunday off so I will be able to pre-write a bunch of posts instead of trying to run to catch up for you guys.  I might just have to write this week off as a bust for now. :/


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