Monday Musings: Unhauling

Now anyone who knows me, or has seen either my bookcase at home or the ridiculous number of books I brought with me to school my freshman and sophomore years of college know that I am a book collector, or maybe hoarder, who knows.  In any case I hold on to my books even after I’ve read them.  To give away a book was to give away a child, it was almost unheard of but made in certain circumstances where they would have a better home with someone else.

This has changed recently though.  When I came home from school I felt this need to clean out my old bedroom of all of the childish things I had been holding on to simply because they were mine.  When you are a kid the things in your room belong to you even though everything outside of the walls are not.  You hold it and keep it even if it serves no purpose just to have it.  As an adult I was feeling like all of this stuff was suffocating me.  It was covering every available surface.  I had two feet by two feet of floor space.  There were boxes filled with things.  Tables and dressers covered in things.  It just needed to go.  Then I came to my bookcase.

I still had the clean freak bug in me and I knew that holding on to all of the books I had was just an extension of all of the stuff in the room.  So I started the purge.

I started with books that I had already read and would probably never pick up again or had just plain disliked it when I had read it the first time.

Then I went to the books I had been given as gifts that I would honestly never pick up.

Then I went to the books that I had either asked for or purchased for myself but no longer had an interest in.  My reading tastes have changed in all of the years that I have lived here and some of the books are not things that I would want to pick up any more.

If I still wanted to read it it stayed.  If it was very old and childish it went into boxes to go in the attic for my someday future kids to read when they are old enough but I had about 75 books that I didn’t want any more.

So I gave them to the library.

(Well not all of them, some I am giving away to you guys!  Go enter that if you haven’t already!)

Now I feel my bookcase is more indicative of what I have loved or what I am reading now/plan to read in the future.  There are spaces in it for new books when I get them.  I don’t need to  keep them all just because I have them, not all books represent me in the way I want, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I needed out of them.

This is how my cold heart melted and allowed me to donate my books to the greater good … my town.

That’s all I have for you guys today!  Gretchen and I have a review for you guys tomorrow so do look forward to that and I will be back on Wednesday to talk about why the Deadpool movie is so damn great.


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