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Giveaway Announcement!

The Betwixt the Books Family is so excited to be hosting our first giveaway!  Thanks to the fact that I came home from school to my childhood bedroom and immediately felt uncomfortable.

This was not a space that identified me any more.  It didn’t say what I wanted it to say so since January I have slowly been going through years and years of acquired objects and junk and weeding out the stuff that I no longer wanted or wouldn’t use.  I had been keeping it for sentimental reasons or the age old childhood mantra of “mine!”

In that time I did the unspeakable.  I went through my bookcase and found actually a lot of books that I no longer felt represented who I am, or that I wouldn’t ever read again, or that I wouldn’t read in the first place.  (Shocking I know, but most of those were gifts given to me years ago that have sat on my shelves and I just am not going to be pick them up lets be honest).

Now the majority of these books I am donating to my local library!  However I reserved a stack that over the year Gretchen and I will be periodically giving away.  The first one starts today and will run for three weeks.

In honor of the first betwixt the books joint review of Paper towns I have put together a contemporary YA giveaway for you guys including the books pictured below.  You will find the link to the giveaway as well as the rules below as well.  Good luck to you all!


You must be a resident of the US (sorry international folks we are stuck domestic for the time being) You have until the 5th of March to enter.  There are plenty of ways to get bonus points because we have so many social media links that you guys should definitely follow.

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