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Weekly Wrap Up/What We Read 2/7/16

The first wrap up of February is here!  This means that Gretchen and I have been creating consistent content for you guys for over a month now.  I think its going to stick this time.  At least for me.  I got down and dirty, got organized, got bullet journaling: all to keep myself on track.

Sunday: Last Week’s Wrap Up
Monday: Michaela’s January Wrap Up
           Gretchen’s From the Notebook: Top 10 Series I Won’t Be Finishing
Tuesday: The Blizzard Book Tag
           The Winter Book Tag
Wednesday: Michaela’s Review of The Girl on the Train
            Gretchen’s Worth it Wednesday on The Bandia Series
Thursday: Gretchen’s January Wrap Up
Friday: Michaela’s Review of Mr. Splitfoot
             Gretchen & Taylor’s Review of After


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