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January Reading Wrap Up

Guys, I cannot believe that a month has gone by already.  I have been able to post consistently for that long.  This is unheard of.  I’m going to keep this going.  I’m excited about new things and I want to share them with you.  You didn’t come here to hear me talk about how excited I am over what has yet to happen, you came here to hear about all of the books I read in January.

I read 13 books in January.
3 Fantasy Novels
3 Young Adult Novels
2 Mystery/Thriller/Horror Novels
1 Historical Fiction Novel
2 General Adult Fiction Novels
1 Science Fiction Novel
1 Romance Novel


The first book I finished in January was The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.  This started the long list of fantasy books I read because book club was reading them together.  I’m not big into fantasy so the fact that I read 3 is amazing. I read this for the final installment of #imbibliomancy and you can watch the book clubs full discussion of that here!



The second book I finished in January was Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  The story of a young Irish girl trying to make a life for herself in New York City.  A great depiction of home sickness and what it means to be in between worlds. I did a book and movie review of this that you can read here if you like!



The third book was Night Film by Marisha Pessl.  This is maybe one of my favorite murder mystery books that I’ve read in a while. I did my first video review of a book in a long time for this one so you should definitely check that one out here!

I then finished a short story collection by Michael Cunningham called A Wild Swan.  Gretchen and I were doing a video on Fairy Tale Retellings so I was starting to read some of those so that I would have books to talk about.  If you want to know my thoughts on this and the other fairy tales in this list you should check out that video here.



Next was perhaps the book I disliked the most on this list: The Magician King be Lev Grossman.  Now if you want to know why it was so disappointing you will have to watch the special episode of Bibliomancy for Beginners that we did this month!


I then read the first ARC I received from the publishers this month.  Uncommon Bodies an anthology of short stories that all revolve around the theme of physical differences.  I did a full review of that here where I talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this collection.

The next book was a reread for me.  I reread Briar Rose by Jane Yolen for that fairy tale video.  I was surprised how much I still liked it.  I had read it before the period in my life that made me swear off war books.  If you are iffy about books about war I think you can handle this one, but you should watch that video to hear why I think that is.

I also read Neil Gaiman’s The Sleeper and the Spindle for that video.  I found the illustrations beautiful and the new take on a classic story refreshing.  If you want to know what else was interesting about this then you definitely need to watch that fairy tale video.

Next I read Carol by Patricia Highsmith.  I then turned that into a new segment for my YouTube channel called Flicks wherein I plan to do book and movie reviews, discussing adaptation and the benefits of cross medium storytelling.  If you want to know what I thought of both the book and the movie you should watch that review here!

Gretchen and I also did our first joint book review!  We read Paper Towns by John Green (and I couldn’t help but throw in my two cents about the movie, what can I say I seek out adaptations).  If you want to know our thoughts on that as well as get recommendations for great films that deconstruct the manic pixie dream girl then you should watch that review!

The next book on this list was released this month.  I picked up Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt from the library.  I will have a review of this book out on Friday so look forward to that!  For now I will tell you that I found it an incredibly well constructed ghost story the focuses on themes of motherhood and inheritance.



The next book I read was another ARC and this review came out on Friday if you missed it!  It was a self published short science fiction novel about time travelling assassins called Alternate by Ernie Luis.  To hear my thoughts on that you should definitely go check that out!


The final book I read this month was The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.  I will have a review of this one up on Wednesday because I, controversially perhaps, did not really like it.  I mean I enjoyed it, but I definitely don’t feel it lived up to all the hype.  I am a picky bastard when it comes to my thrillers though.  Look forward to that review when its out.
That’s everything I read this month guys!  The lovely thing about blogging regularly is that you get to hear my thoughts on everything I read this month instead of getting a rushed mini review at the end of the month for most of them.

What did you guys read this month?  Did you have a favorite book?

I hope you enjoyed and I will back tomorrow with a new Tag video that Gretchen and I did called The Blizzard Tag.  Something light and fluffy to start the new month with.  Talk to you then!

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