#Betwixt the Books: Weekly Wrap Up/What We Read 1.10.16

Every Sunday from now until forever Gretchen and I will be posting a weekly wrap up post.  This will include a video wherein we discuss everything that has happened in the week, and once you made it past that give mini reviews of the books we read that week, and links to all of the posts that came out on both of our sites so that you can find something new to check out if you haven’t already seen it!

This is mainly a way for us to have consistent content coming out to you guys, not only because it means at least a video every Sunday but its a video discussing what we did that week so it behooves us to have written posts and read at some point during that week.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, You can watch the video below and click any of the links you so desire!

Sunday: #imbibliomancy: The Buried Giant
Monday: Michaela’s Pop Sugar Challenge TBR

Tuesday: Betwixt the Books: Bookish Resolution
Michaela’s Review of Rat Queens vol. 2
              Gretchen’s Worth it Wednesday on The Protector of the Small 
Thursday: Gretchen’s Thesis Thursday on Seeker:
Friday: Michaela’s Book and Movie Review of The Martian: 

On to next week!

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