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Betwixt the Books: Bookish Resolutions

Gretchen and I took the time to make another video for you guys in which we talk about all of our bookish and blog related goals for the year.  I hope you are excited because we are both trying something new for once.

If you missed my post yesterday wherein I gave my TBR for the reading challenge that Gretchen and I are participating in be sure to check that out!

I will leave this to past me and Gretchen now to tell you all about our plans!

I hope you enjoyed!

What are your reading resolutions?

I will be back with a comic review tomorrow so look forward to that!


5 thoughts on “Betwixt the Books: Bookish Resolutions”

  1. Love the adorable, friendly video. Okay, now I have to ask: is your room always that tidy or did you clean it for the video?

    “Read Your Own Damn Books” sounds pretty awesome to me. I think this year–in addition to the gajillion new books I want to read–the only bookish resolution I made is to get through the 30ish books I own that are in my TBR pile.

    1. The only thing in my room that stays tidy is my bookcase. The camera here was angled in such a way that you couldn’t see the giant pile of stuff to the side … Clothes and things from my apartment at school that I had to bring home when I moved out and are just in boxes in the corner. So no, it isn’t really tidy. That’s the joy of movie magic though I can give the appearance of having a tidy room! I’m glad you found a resolution that suites you. It wasn’t until I started blogging that my TBR started to get a little bit away from me. Hearing about all these great books all the time makes it a bit hard to stay on top of it though. There are always new books I want to read and then I buy them and they just get added to the list. It’s never ending. Maybe that is part of the joy though. I don’t think I ever want to run out of new books to read … Just bring it back into a more comfortable range.

  2. Bwahaha: “the joy of movie magic.” Yes, definitely, one of the joys of being a book lover is to gleefully adding new books to our TBR. . though it can get a little daunting. I recently ran across someone who is such a fast reader that they swear they NEVER have books on their TBR; they WISH they did!

    1. I’m jealous of the speed at which they read! So often I feel I’m not cut out for this because it takes me so long to get my thoughts together about a book after spending so much time reading it that I can’t move on to another. Although I’ve recently returned to my childhood habit of having a couple books going at once and I think it has helped with that. Makes me feel productive.

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