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What I Read in the Fall: Comics Edition or Why I Haven’t Been Reading Comics…

This is not a post wherein I say to you guys.  Guys.  I am no longer interested in looking at art.  I still love comics.  I love them so much.  However my car failed inspection way back in August, right before I was meant to leave for school.

It passed inspection on Monday. (You have no idea how excited I am by the fact that I finally have my car back!)

This meant that unless I bummed a ride with a friend, I had no way of leaving campus while at school, which means I did not visit the comic shop every week, which means I am totally and completely behind on everything.

Now.  I won’t be going back to school and the comic store I usually go to at home is not making me happy about its selection of comics so I might have to make the rounds looking for a new home, so to speak, but I can finally get back to comics.



There is one comic that I did keep tabs on and that was Low which I reviewed for you guys last week!




I also picked up the first issue of the second volume of Pretty Deadly (In this stunning variant for The Valkyries), the second issue came out last week so I need to make a trip out to get it soon.


That is it guys.  There were all those comics I was so excited to start over the summer and the only one I was able to finish was Low.  I hate that.  I might slowly pick up the volumes of those that I abandoned and finish them to see if I want to go back to picking them up monthly.

I don’t have a job currently and that worries me so I will most likely be doing that very very slowly…

We shall see what happens.

In any case, can you guys give me any suggestions for comics that have been coming out that you really enjoy that I might want to look into?

What was your favorite comic from the fall?

I’ll see you guys on Friday with my 2015 Wrap Up!


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