New Year, New Life

So, some of you may know but this past semester was my last semester at Ithaca College.  Which if I have anything to say about it, means that I should be back to making regular content on this blog.  One of the things that I missed dearly while at school was writing reviews.

The main reason I had to stop is that during school it is night impossible to read for pleasure.  On top of the work I have to do my anxiety always makes it difficult to relax.  Reading anything for myself makes me feel incredibly guilty.  My time would be better spent, studying or reading something for class.

In any case, it is impossible to keep up with a book blog when you aren’t really reading books.  I know that nobody would want to read my terrible academic essays.

While I can’t make any promises I am going to make an invested effort to keep this going.  On top of all the plans that Gretchen and I have, I have been taking anti-anxiety meds which should also help keep me on track.

I will hope to have something lovely for you guys this Christmas and coming into the New Year.  If not I wish you all lovely Holidays!

To a New Year, and a New Life.


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