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Betwixt the Books: Inside Out Book Tag

Lookie here,

Gretchen and I managed to get out another couple of videos, with slightly different technical difficulties.  Rather than audio desync this time I wasn’t able to edit them at all.  So you might have to push through some awkwardly long pauses or interruptions.  I spent five hours yesterday editing these videos and the program I used refused to export them.  I will be looking into getting a better editing program now, because this is getting ridiculous.  I wish I could offer you better content, I really do.

If you do manage to slough through this I promise you will be entertained.  We bring you the Inside Out Book Tag in which we discuss our opinions on some of the many aspects of books and how we consume them.  If you want to hear some rants we also have the Unpopular Opinions Tag on her blog.  You should definitely watch them both, it is worth it.

Without further ado:

You might have also noticed that I’m titling this Betwixt the Books.  This is in part due to the recent efforts on mine and Gretchen’s behalf to join our blogs under one family.  So do look forward to new and exciting content from us which will always be titled Betwixt the Books.  You can learn a little more about that here!


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