Monday Musings: The Bookish Beginnings Tag

So Gretchen from My Life is a Notebook and I have come together to bring you new and fantastic book reviews and tags … with our lovely faces displayed.  We have been discussing this for a while now and we are finally able to do it!  (The beginning of the semester over ran us to be honest… still working on not being completely overwhelmed by everything ever).

We have filmed, edited (to the best of my newbie abilities [which is to say: very poorly]), and uploaded two introductory videos.

The first of which will be posted on her blog later today!

The latter is of course, this tag.  If you are ever wondering what exactly were a lot of our firsts in reading then please listen as we discuss everything from Nancy Drew to sex scenes.

We hope to have these coming out semi-regularly though I can’t always promise that there will be two videos each time.  It was just a good way to get a couple things out to you guys.


1. Tell us about what you loved to read as a child.
2. What was the fist Adult Fiction you tried to (or want to) read?
3.What was the classic book that you read (not because of school)?
4.Tell us about a book that made you realize a new favorite genre or writing style.
5. What was the first literary prize-winner that you read (or want to read)?
6. What was the first piece of translated fiction that you read (or want to read)?
7. Tell us about why you started Booktube and what it was like to film and upload your first video!

Check out the original video and the tags creator, Lauren at Reads and Daydreams.

If you haven’t done this tag feel free to do it and be sure to tell me about it so that I can watch or read your responses as well.

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