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Booktubeathon Wrapup: The #booktubeathon is Over =o ~o~ (o) \o/ (o) <- (interpretive dance)

Oh my gosh that was so tiring.  I found myself doing things to procrastinate reading.  Perhaps participating in readathons is a good motivator for me to get my work done. :/

I have to say that although it was tiring I am glad that I participated.

If you are interesting in what my TBR was:




These are all of the books that I ambitiously chose to read during the readathon.  In reality I only read two of those, then two books not on that list on top of that.

I had to read Angelfall for book club.  I was able to do it and complete the read something without putting it down challenge.

I also finished Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill on Sunday.  I read this because Taylor says that it is his favorite Joe Hill novel while mine was NOS4A2.  I wanted to read it and see why it was that he liked it so much.  While I have to say that there are things it does better than NOS4A2, it didn’t supplant it as my favorite. I will do a full review of it eventually.  I want to make a video discussing all of Joe Hills novels at some point as well.

On top of that I reread The First Death graphic novel on Wednesday for my post about the Anita Blake graphic novels.  I also technically finished The Reality Bug by D.J. MacHale on Monday and I’m going to count it.

I did manage on top of this to read about 20 poems in Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast by Hannah Gamble, and the first chapter of The Accidental by Ali Smith.

I think out of this experience I realized that part of why I have been having so much trouble reading as of late is that I have been trying to read one book at a time, finish it, then move on to something else.  When I read much better when I can switch between multiple books.  I might not be in the mood for a horror story one night so I picked up Ali Smith’s book instead.  It meant I kept reading, kept up the momentum without feeling like I was forcing myself to read something.

It might not be the best way to finish books for a blog wherein I have a function that requires me to review a book a week.  However, I have been reading and not reviewing for a while and I could always talk about an older book, rather than forcing myself to finish something that I am not in the mood for.  It affects my reading pace, and my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

All in all, a success in my mind.  I had said that realistically I would read four books and I met that goal (more or less).  Did any of you participate?  What did you read? What other readathons have you participated in and really enjoy that I can keep on my radar?

Talk to you soon!

*Reminder* Live discussion of Black Water by D.J. MacHale tonight, followed by The Rivers of Zadaa next Monday and a discussion of Skin Trade by Laurell K Hamilton next Tueday. (JOIN US FOR BOOK CLUB IS YOU WISH!)


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