Summer (mostly) Kpop as Explained by my Sister

If you aren’t my close friend then you wouldn’t have my snapchat ID but I was sharing some of the recent kpop releases and a few old favorite with my sister and her reactions were hilarious.

My story ended up being several minutes long so I will just post some of the highlights along with the original videos for you guys.

Taylor and I have a long list for our next podcast but we won’t be free to record it until we get back to school at the end of the month.  I have been collecting summer jams though, so there will be a lot of good stuff on that list (some of them might be in this post too).

We started with I Feel You by The Wonder Girls, followed by So Crazy by T-ara, Just Right by Got7, my favorite Voodoo Doll by VIXX, and cheered her up a bit with OK by Strawberry Milk.

This is a really wimpy Sunday Spam, post, but because I haven’t posted anything for this feature in months…. MOOOONNNNTTTHHHHSSSS.  I wanted to show you that I have been keeping up with it and I do still care.  I care guys.

I hope something in there made you smile. Have a great week! I will talk to you again tomorrow to discuss how much of a fail my #booktubeathon was. (TT.TT)


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