Beautiful Booktubers!

I said last Monday that I wanted to make a post collecting and curating all of the booktubers who have made me excited about books recently.  I look up to these folks and they deserve a lot more subscribers than they currently have for the most part.

If you click their lovely faces it will take you to their YouTube channels so you can watch their videos and fall in love with them yourself.

1. Choncey Boddington – a.k.a. The Bookish Britette: She is a wonderfully smart individual who values literary analysis in her videos above all else.  She loves talking about the way that books work not just whether they were enjoyable or not.  The English Major in me loves this.  She also discusses her own experiences with Anorexia a fair amount and how she was able to beat it.  She is a brilliant role model and I wish so many more people would subscribe to her this very instant.

The lovely Jen Campbell is the author of several books including “The Bookshop Book” and “Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops”.  Not only is it clear through her videos that she really truly loves books, but she really and truly loves the booktube community.  I wouldn’t have found half the people on this list if it weren’t for her.  She is also incredibly imaginative and creative, having come up with three of my favorite book tags in the past couple of months.  If you like fairy tales or fairy tale retellings, you are kindred spirits and should probably check her out, but she reads all manners of literature from poetry, to contemporary fiction, to science fiction.

Lauren from the Channel Reads and Daydreams is incredibly well spoken.  She has a very calming quality to her, but when she dislikes a book that seems to be very popular she gets quite excited and energetic.  I love that she likes to discuss why it is a book didn’t appeal to her rather than just writing it off.  She wants to insight more discussion in the comments to hear what other people think.  I envy that by her because I always get quite defensive and don’t want others to shoot down my ideas, despite knowing that discussion can enlighten us to things we didn’t think about, or might not have picked up on, on our own.

Ashley from Climb the Stacks reads most Adult Contemporary Fiction.  She is on my feed quite a bit because she updates so often.  She has a voracious appetite for books that I wish I had more consistently.  She is another booktuber who will say both positive and negative reviews.  She speaks her mind, but I never feel that she is being antagonistic toward those who like the book.  She speaks in such a way that you are on her side, even if you disagree with her.  I would fear her if she ever decided to be a politician.

Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings is another of my new loves.  She reads mostly adult fiction, also some classics.  She speaks so eloquently about the books that she has read, or plans on reading.  She is one of those people who can tell me what a book is in such a way that I want to read it.  I always say how terrible I am at synopsis, she does not have that problem.  She also does a lot of tag videos, if you enjoy watching those!

Sabrina from unmanagedmischief is one that I have been watching for a while.  Not only does she read a lot of adult books, but she also reviews comics and graphic novels.  This years she has been focusing on a project that she calls the #yearofmurakami and did #japanesejune so if you are a fan of Japanese translated fiction she has a channel you really should check out.  I love how honest she is in her reviews.  If she dislikes something, she is going to tell you about it.

First male youtuber on this list is Jason.  He focuses a lot on Canadian Literature and is cofounder of the book club Hello Hemloch who spotlight #canlit.  For those who really love Canadian Literature or for those who feel they never get to see canadian authors spotlighted (like myself) he is a wonderful resource.  He also occaisonally posts music and has a lovely singing voice.  He seems so sweet and happy to me most of the time (#canstereotypes) that all of his videos brighten my day!

If you are looking to learn a bit about history, or literature theory then hope on over to RonLit.  I swear this girl is going to be a powerhouse professor.  I wish I wasn’t her contemporary and was just a generation younger so that I could be one of her pupils.  I make do by listening to her talk here on booktube.  She talks a lot about queer literature.  She has an abundant love for Jane Austen.  She talks a lot about women in literature, and women writing literature historically.  Just an all around really amazing lady!

To keep the Canada love going I want to talk about Candace at librarianfanmail.  She is such a lovely sweet person.  I may or may not have stolen her haircut.  I definitely brought a picture of her to the salon when I got my haircut. ( <.< ) What? Who said that? I recently read “Me and the Devil” by Nick Tosches based off her review.  While it wasn’t my favorite novel, there were a lot of elements that I really enjoyed and therefor want to take her suggestion to read some of his other work.  She doesn’t do reviews overly often but when she does they are always well composed and make me want to read books.  An admirable trait in librarian.

For those of you who really love Science Fiction and Fantasy you should head over to booksandpieces, where Elizabeth makes wonderfully quirky videos.  You will find costumes galore here.  She loves talking about the history of science fiction and fantasy as well as recommending great contemporary reads in the genre.  She is currently one of the hosts of the Booktube Science Fiction and Fantasy awards and they have a goodreads group that is discussing and voting on a lot of really great books that you should check out!

If you like quirky British booktubers than you should also check out Leena at justkissmyfrog.  This lovely lady is so enthusiastic.  She has interviewed so many really interesting and unique authors on her channel.  She read poetry.  She sings in bathtubs for goodness sake.  She likes to talk about the books that have touched her life and I think that is a great way to go about it.  If you aren’t subscribed to her, what are you doing with your life?  Go do it right now.

Another booktuber who does exclusively positive reviews is Clifford from betterthanfoodbookreviews.  Do not watch his show on an empty stomach… erm… empty brain?  It makes me hungry for books.  Not to eat them, but to read them.  As somebody who has been woefully underwhelmed with the books taught to me in during my undergrad education this guy is like making a seven course dinner while you stare in from the streets.  He makes every single book he talk about sound brilliant.  I have no doubts that they most likely are.  He just returned after a bit of a hiatus because he was in mourning of his Dads death.  If you ever need a good cry I recommend watching his tribute video to his father.  He is so smart, so charismatic, how could he not be with a name like his.

If you prefer less aggressive, softer spoken bookish men you should check out Christopher R. Alonso  He is currently about to start grad school for writing.  I can’t wait to read something he publishes.  He is a shier booktuber and doesn’t seem to quite believe in himself.  Something I can definitely relate to, although he is doing a step better than me by at least putting the videos out there.  He reads a lot of adult fiction.  He just showed that he was buddy reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss which is one of my favorite Fantasy novels, second only to its sequel.  You might not see him around very often but every time he shows up you know its going to be a video worth watching.

I wanted to finish this list off with a couple of bookish groups.  The first is a duo, Matt and Zoey from weliveforbooks.  These guys are such a great pair.  Zoey is extremely opinionated reader.  She will tell you exactly what she thinks and why that is.  Matt on the other hand is a bit softer but is incredibly smart.  The two together make for wonderful reviews.  Their videos always give me hope for something with my best friend in the future.  We have been talking about doing joint reviews much like Matt and Zoey do on their channel.  They are a definite channel you should check out if you haven’t already.

Finally I want to talk about The Marvelous Reading Room.  This channel started as a book club channel, much like my own, so it gives me hopes that my channel will have something in the future.  It is lead by Sunny and Amanda but features a bunch of their friends.  They like to shout out the upcoming releases each month and feature a short segment called 30 second book pitch where they try and sell you a book in 30 seconds or less.  It makes for entertaining little videos that don’t take much of your day at all.  They read primarily science fiction and fantasy but urban fantasy and contemporary fiction make its way into their laps sometimes too.  This is a really entertaining channel I suggest you check them out soon.

There are a lot more channels that I love but I have already given you fifteen.  If you really can’t wait you can always check out my recommended channels list.

On top of that this week is the booktubeathon and I am participating.  I posted a picture of my TBR on my instagram so you should head over there to check it out.  I don’t know whether I will be making any videos because I am rather booked this week with videos.  Tonight we have the hangout for Angelfall by Susan Ee, tomorrow night we will be discussing The Reality Bug, the fourth book in the Pendragon series.  Some time this week Taylor and Casey and I want to do a review of This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong.  So many things on top of attempting to read seven books.  I have already finished one, and I plan to start another after book club tonight.

Are you guys participating this year?  If so what are you planning on reading.  Do you have an booktube channels I didn’t mention that you think I should check out?  Please let me know so that I can add more beautiful bookish people to my life.


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  1. Hello! I just found this – thank you for your kind words. 😀 Also that is the best/craziest thing to find out a photo of me was used in an actual salon setting, haha! I will tell my mother, since (to share the secret of my hair) she is the one who cuts it. Plus I stole my haircut from Tilda Swinton, so just consider us all in a great club together.

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