On Youtube, and Booktube in particular

It’s like I’m a real blogger again.  Let’s see if I can maintain this.  I want to get back into this.  I care about it, even if nobody else really does.

I, over the past couple weeks, have been finding a lot of really great youtubers, particularly really great booktubers who, are not small in the sense that I am a small booktuber (even if all of my videos are bookclub videos does not mean I don’t contribute too, folks), have a couple thousand subscribers, or a couple hundred in some instances, but make really great content and seem really under-appreciated in my opinion.

The fact that it has taken me this long to find them is such a shame, because I have been missing out on people who could have shared really beautiful things with me.  They are small, and the youtube algorithm doesn’t want to show me small channels like the ones I watch.  It insists that I watch the bigger people who also make book videos and I’m sorry but I can’t.  I used to watch them, and there are a few who I still watch but when they got big, they all start talking about the same books and when I didn’t want to read those books any more listening to seven people say the same things about the same book was not entertaining or helpful to me.

So how did I find the people I currently like watching.  Through recommendations from the few booktubers that I still enjoyed watching.  I don’t really want to read YA books any more for the most part.  My friend and bookclub host Gretchen from My Life is a Notebook explained part of the problem in her recent rant here! but for myself I also don’t relate with those characters any more.  The biggest part of booktube relies on YA as a genre and that is because their audience is predominantly preteens and teen girls, for whom YA is the proper genre, but I am not that person and those books are no longer for me, (with some exceptions).

I have moved on to a part of booktube that is tiny and though they might not have as high quality production, they are filled with much greater quality content.  They make me want to read books.  They show me books I’ve never heard of.  I want to be that kind of booktuber.  I love sharing books that I found by chance.  I love reading little known books.  I don’t often get enjoyment out of sharing something that everyone else is also sharing.  It seems like a waste of time.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t read them, it just means that me adding my feeble words to the hundreds of shouts doesn’t make sense.

I have wanted to make videos for years and I just don’t have the confidence.  I’m going to work on it.  I have to make a video for our book club and if it works out and I’m able to do what I want I will try and make more where I discuss books.  Talking about books and hearing people talk about books is one of my great loves in life.  I want to contribute and not just consume.

I wish there was a way to find more great booktubers out there, but it is impossible without the bigger folks boosting the smaller ones.  I will trudge ever onwards.  Perhaps next week I will make a post wherein I discuss my new favorite booktubers and why I love them, but not today.  I have to clean my room today because it is a mess and its oppressing me at the moment.

I hope you guys have a lovely week coming up and I will talk to you again soon!

*Reminder that we will be discussing the third Pendragon book on bookclub tomorrow night most likely and next week we will discuss both the fourth Pendragon book and Angelfall by Susan Ee so read them if you can to join in our discussion.


5 thoughts on “On Youtube, and Booktube in particular”

  1. Hi! I also love booktubers! I mostly follow the popular ones because, as you say, the smaller ones are harder to come by. One of my faves is Jean Bookishthoughts. She’s into crime and fantasy novels and reviews loads of great books. You should totally start your own channel! I started mine a coupe of weeks a go and I am loving it. You can build up a lovely little community. 🙂 Lemme know if you upload any videos and I’ll take a look at them! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you so much for the follow! Yeah, I’ve been following Jean for a little over a year now she does such a good job! I’ll make a list of the ones I really love that are harder to find to share next week so maybe you can find some new ones! I’ll definitely let you know if I start and I’ll go watch yours too.

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