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Spring Comic Wrap Up

While I haven’t felt like I could dedicate the time necessary to read many books over the course of the last semester comics are easier to accept.  It takes but a few minutes to read them.  They cost only a few dollars.  They are beautiful pieces of art that I want to keep and covet forever.  Recently, I realized that I have finished several story arcs of comics, in that I have read the comics that will be bound into trades and could count them as books read on my Goodreads challenge, as well as started some new threads and I wanted to talk to you now about the comics that I have pulled recently.  If you didn’t know, all of the book covers I post on my blog, when clicked, link to the Goodreads page for that book if you want to find more information, or hear others’ opinions.

Sex Criminals is one of the comics that I actually pick up in trade rather than reading the weekly issues.  It isn’t the only one on this list, but my explanation for this is mainly just that some stories work better when I read the whole arc rather than bits and pieces over a series of months.  I really like this comic.  If you didn’t know that this was an R rated comic by the title, for sure, it is not for children.  I have been enjoying the way that sex and relationships are portrayed in this comic.  They portray the struggle with mental illness in a realistic manner as well.  Plus there is sex magic and glowing penises.  What more could you ask for in a comic series?

Southern Bastards is perhaps the most controversial comic on this list.  Not because its bad, simply because it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  There is no magic, not really any action, or adventure.  The first volume had a bit of mystery, but this volume is completely and utterly back story.  If you liked the first volume and want to learn more about the main antagonist then this is a good read for you.  If you prefer something that is less character driven and more plot driven, then maybe stay away.  I really like the art and color in this comic, its a little disconcerting but I think it suits the atmosphere of the plot very well.

This is probably one of my absolute favorite comics coming out right now.  If you are a big Dungeons & Dragons fan, if you were a fan of the new Mad Max film, or just bad ass lady types in general please look into Rat Queens.  The first volume was action packed, where as this is a but more suspenseful.  We learn a bit about each of our main characters backgrounds as well as some of the side characters.  If all of that hasn’t persuaded you to pick up this series than all I have to say is, Orc Dave.  You are missing out on Orc Dave.  the best Orc Dave, that ever Orc Daved, ever.  Pick it up.  I beseech you.

This comic, unlike the others I mentioned is definitely suitable for the little comic reader you know, in any gender.  If you like cute mysteries solved by a rag tag gang of kids, set in a boarding school, in Gotham, then this will be great.  It shows kids who have a lot of heart, and passion.  Maps is super nerdy but still bad ass.  All of this makes this series an A+ from me.  I haven’t been too won over by DC or Marvel as of late, but Batman was the comic that got me into comic, although technically it was Robin that got me into comics, in any case.  Gotham and Batman were always the things that sort of felt like home.

When it comes to comics set in Gotham, sans Batman, this one is less Harry Potter and more X-Files.  It revolves around a secret department within Gotham PD that solves crimes of a questionably super natural variety.  I’m not sure how popular this comic was but I really enjoyed it.  While the art was not my favorite style, I do think the gaunt faces and heavy shading fit the atmosphere the comic was trying to portray.  If you are a fan of detective following around other detective because he thinks the work said detective does isn’t real and that the money funding this department is being stolen, then this would be a good comic for you.

*wheezes* It hurts us Precious.  This comic guys, this comic.  If you aren’t reading The Wicked and The Divine please go pick up the first volume.  It has a lot of Religion lore for you history nerds out there.  It has pop music for us plebes.  It has beautiful art and scenery for the artists or art lovers.  Plus the story is soooo gooood.  And painful.  Very painful.  The last comic.  Just the last comic.  It hurt so good.  I was waiting for that moment the whole series and then. AND THEN.  I won’t spoil it.  However I do implore you to read it and find out for yourself why it hurt so bad.  I cared so much about these characters, and the writers aren’t afraid to ruin everything you love.

So, this volume won’t be out until the fall, however I think that Marvel are doing good things with their female lead Spiderverse comics.  I am reqading both Spider-Gwen here and Silk.  While I like Silk better than Spider-Gwen I think this one was alright.  It didn’t have much going for it plot wise, more of a monster of the week kind of comic which made it easier to read each month.  However it means you have to care about her character to keep you going. If you like stories that are character bases, and alternate universes where Peter Parker is dead, and Spider-Ham, then for sure you need to pick up this book when it is released in later.

I think next week I will talk about the comics that I am reading for the summer, but here is a little sneak peak if you just want a hint on what I suggest you should grab from your comic stores soon:


If you want to hear my thoughts on the first issues here I will be talking about them next Wednesday! (Although that low issues is technically #7 the first in the second arc).

I hope you have a lovely week, and I will see you on Friday with a book review!


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