A Special Request from my Dear Friend Casey!

If you aren’t following Casey’s blog, The Drunk Librarian, what are you doing with your life?  She is incredibly sassy and smart, and has the best use of .gifs I have ever seen in a blog post ever.  You should go check her out.

She was nominated for a Liebster award and let me know that she was interested in seeing my answers to the questions she posed for her nominees despite the fact that I am ineligible for nomination.

Ever the agreeable person I am, I said I would answer her questions on the next Monday Musing post.  Which is weeks and weeks after that request came in. sorry Casey, but finally here!

Q and or A time!

1. What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Is it bad to say Puss by Jimin ft. IRON?  It is just really catchy, I like her rap skills.  This is one of the songs that she performed on Unpretty Rap Star and I saw this performance and the song has been in my head ever since.  I listen to it over and over.  I can’t stop.  I am trash.

2.Who’s your favorite fictional character? Could you beat them in a fight?

My favorite fictional character, Casey, really.  You want me to try and narrow down every character ever written and read and tell you who I love the most.  This is worse than asking me to choose my favorite child.  I’m pretty sure most parents could pick a favorite even if they didn’t want to.  In any case, I just finished reading Dead Ice and despite his lack of presence in that particular book, he is my favorite character from the series so I might as well choose him.  Edward, the sociopathic vampire hunter/mercenary who may just be Anita Blake’s soul mate, but is definitely her partner in crime or law, seeing as they are both U.S. Martials.  Could I beat him in a fight. No.  Fuck no.  Jeebus, the man hunts vampires and rogue lycanthropes and was nicknamed Death.  In the same way that Anita is called The Executioner.  They are like boogey man.  They are two of the four horseman of the apocolypse.  I stand 0.0 chance of winning.

3. What are you most impatient for at this moment?

My birthday.  It is less than a month away, and I asked everyone for money so that I could buy myself a PS4 and get the new batman game, and Bloodborne, and so many other games.  I miss gaming.  My computer is not the best for it and my Xbox 360 died recently so I am hurting a bit.  I cannot wait for my birthday.  I am turning 21 and I want video games.  Adulting properly I think.

4. Take your favorite book — or a book you like a lot – and turn its title into a porn parody title. (If this is sacrilegious or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, just do some sort of spoof. I’m lenient; mostly I want creativity and bad puns!)

One Blew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
One Flew Over the Swinger’s Nest
Two Screw Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

That is the best I have for you.  I am not really in love with any of those though.

5.  Remember that favorite book above? Describe it in less than 200 characters.

A delightfully witty, heartfelt, and literally insane tale that takes place in an asylum in the 1960s where you just might learn that “The Man” is a woman and what makes someone Crazy.

6. Would you rather be made of paper or of beef wellington? Defend your decision.

Paper, because then I could use pieces of myself to make art, or write.  If I was beef wellington I would only want to eat myself, and so would anybody else.  I already don’t go outside so the wind and rain wouldn’t bother me.  I am already white as paper.  I guess I would lose a lot of weight, being two dimensional and all, but really that’s the only big change.

7. Word association time! I say “all,” you think . . .


8. When was the last time a book made you really angry?

The last book we read for book club made me frustrated at a character but not necessarily angry (you can hear me talk about what upset me here!) I think the last book that I was so mad I couldn’t finish the book was when I was a freshman in high school.  It was the third or so book in the Vampire Diaries series, yes the one that the WB show is based off of, and the author completely fucked over my favorite character to make him an asshole again, because people liked him better that way.  I was not a fan of taking someone whose growth and development I really enjoyed be fucked with by author power to become a plot element and please the fans.  Not a fan.  Definitely. Not.

9. Do you wish you read more? Why don’t you?

I do wish I read more.  During the school year reading triggers my anxiety because I feel like I should be spending my time doing something more productive.  I should be studying or reading the books I have to read for my degree rather than the books I read just for pleasure.  It is ironic because reading itself usually calms me and helps me detox the anxiety.  Now that it is summer I have the time and the lack of responsibilities to enable me to read as much as I want.  If you go look at the dates of my read books on Goodreads you will see that in the last week, or so, I have added a bunch, I mean a shit ton, of books.  I also spend a lot of time doing other things, like obsessing over kpop, playing video games, writing blog posts, watching the youtubes, daydreaming about being on the youtubes, it takes up time folks.

10. What was your most recent Google search?

Gimp.  So that I could download it and make a custom thumbnail for the newest Bibliomancy for Beginners episode. I wish it were more interesting…

11. Giving yourself 1 minute and no cheating, how many states (in the U.S.) can you name?

Apparently 27.  Which I did writing, if I could just say them out loud I think I could do more, but I have no way to keep track of how many when I say them out loud, so 27.

I hope you enjoyed my answers Casey! Most of them were really boring, I know.

I will be back on Wednesday to talk about the comics I have been reading because I realized that I have finished a bunch that have either recently come out in trade or will come out in trade as well, plus a bunch of new comics in general!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will talk to you soon!


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