Let me introduce to you: The Midnight Tea Room (podcast)

Guys, it has been a while since I have posted anything for Sunday Spam. and I mean a while.  Almost half a year it looks like.  What you may not have know is that I actually started a podcast with my best friend (@ETGreenwood) wherein we talk about some of the kpop music that has come out recently in my absence.

So far we have put out two episodes, however the first one is really, REALLY terrible because my internet at the time was about as crappy as it could be.  There is in fact about a half hour portion in the middle where we are trying to resolve the fact that my internet refuses to send Taylor’s audio to me.  If you want to watch it to perhaps get  a gist of what we were trying to say, we were discussing five female solo debuts!

However, I think that we managed to get it down by the second (and we had a guest star).

The podcast will be posted here, hosted on soundcloud and youtube if my internet allows.

Our second episode is more topical, although we recorded it about two weeks ago so it would have been better then. However, I have just been running around trying to get book club together in that time so I hadn’t had a chance to post it until now.

It is ready for you now though, so please enjoy!

The videos we discuss in the podcast can be found here!

Please join us as we discuss some of the most interesting videos to appear last month!


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