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Bookclub is Back! The Return of the Bibliomancers!

*clears throat and casually leans against a counter*

Long time no see.

Ah, FUCK IT! That was too cheesy.  How do you hit on people?  I just sit in my room in front of a computer all day.  How am I supposed to woo an entire audience into listening to me when I’ve given them almost complete radio silence for two months?  Worst.  I am the worst.

I could give you all kinds of excuses but the bottom line is: college tends to take over my brain toward the end of the semester.  I edited and designed a literary magazine, I escorted an author around campus for a weekend.  Learned some Chinese. Fucking finals.  Apparently I have decided swearing is the thing for return posts, maybe all posts, we shall see. Basically, what I am trying to say is school takes time and brain power guys.  Apologies.

However, the end of the silence is nigh in fact it has already ended because you are reading this, and unless you are reading this before I post it (I see you shifty guy outside my window, I see you…) then I am successful.  I will do my best to make up for the lack of content by attempting to post something most days during the week, if I have something to say, and I haven’t passed out due to exhaustion, or heat stroke, or anxiety.  I did read a few books while I was gone, and Taylor and I started a kpop podcast called The Midnight Tea Society, that I want to post here as well.  There is stuff to show you, and new things to come.

You aren’t here for all that though.  You want to know what’s up with this season of Bibliomancy for Beginners! (If you have no idea what Bibliomancy for Beginners is, I recommend you scroll down to the bottom of this post where I have conveniently linked everything you need, because I am shameless and would like you to join in with our merriment.)

Well, good.  Here is the low down:

For our third season we will be running every other week, rather than weekly as we have done in the past.  This is to make the reading more accessible, to hopefully encourage everyone to read the book, because one would have more time to get through it rather than having to cram it in one weekend.

On top of that we will be incorporating more guests.  Several of our friends have shown interest in joining us either in the video or in the comment section and forums on the Goodreads page (links to everything will be at the bottom of this post, like I said).  More people, means more opinions, means better discussions!

The next change is that we will be following a theme this summer.  The internet has blown up with the need for #diversebooks and we want to promote that as well.  We hope to read books that will cover a variety of genres, languages, genders, sexualities, and ethnicities.  We all benefit from more and varied stories so let’s show our support for the authors who break the parade of dead white men!

Also, starting in July, Casey (who you might recognize from our Thirteen Days of Misfortune) has agreed to read my favorite book series from childhood, Pendragon, with me.  If you never had a chance to read them, or you stopped at book four like so many of my peers, I urge you to give it a second chance.  The end of the series changes so many things for the books and still stands as one of the best finales I have ever read. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE GIVE IT A CHANCE, I’M BEGGING YOU. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  SAY YOU’LL READ IT.  SAY IT!

*clears throat again* Enough of all that, what are the books we are reading for the real legit book club?

The first live show will be Tuesday June 9th (a week from the day this post is posted) and we will be discussing 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas by Marie Helene-Bertino.

This will be followed by a cast on Tuesday June 23rd of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.

The third book is actually a collection of stories, we will be choosing from Jorge Luis Borges Collected Fictions to discuss the day after my birthday, July 7th. (Which stories? Dunno yet, but we will let you know most likely both here, in the live show for An Ember in the Ashes, and on Goodreads)

Have I given you enough information?

Are you excited?

Are you scared?

You should be scared.

How many questions is too many questions to leave at the end of a blog post?

Like five?

Five many?

Alright I’ll stop now.  I have mostly forgotten how to blog.  I’m not even sure I’m speaking English any more.


I have a page where I answer frequently asked questions and introduce you to the Bibliomancers here on this very blog!

You can follow the book club:

Twitter: @bibliomancy101 and we use the #beginbibliomancy for discussion/live tweets
Vine: Bibliomancy For Beginners
Instagram: bibliomancy4beginners
Goodreads: Bibliomancy for Beginners



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