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The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1: The Faust Act

Oh. My. God. You. Guys.

*insert Oh My God You Guys from the Legally Blonde Musical*

This Comic!

Title: The Wicked and The Divine
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Illustrator: Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson
Publisher: Image Comics
Collected Issues: #1-5
Page #: 180
Genre: Mythologically Inspired Magical Realism

One Sentence Book Pitch: Lucifer is reincarnated as a hot chick who decides to become a rock idol, and may or may not literally blow some minds.

This is one of the comics that pulled me back into comics but I read it later than the rest.  Simply because this trade was coming out a month after a heard about the series and it would be easier to buy the trade than hunt down all of the individual issues.  This meant I was sitting on bottled up excitement over reading it for a month.  Usually, that leads to expectations rising above a level that anything could ever hope of attaining.  AND YET, this comic exists and boy does it deliver.

Warning, there is talk of sex and a butt load of violence in here.  Plus some British humor that needs its own censor for those who might not get it.

If you are fine with the above then by all means go for it.  There should be nothing holding you back.

For you budding historians or lore nerds: We have a pantheon of gods and goddesses from almost every popular and a few unpopular belief systems.  There are gods from Norse, Celtic, Egyption, and Japanese mythology… SO FAR.  They all have modern designs and both down time and pop star personas.  Want to know if your favorite god is included?  Read the G D Comic.

For fantasy nerds or wizards hiding in society: They do magic.  What else do you need?  Fine, really the idea of gods gaining power through worship brought into the 21st century with the idea of Pop Stars is really intriguing.  The idea that they don’t just hide behind their Pop Star persona but come out and say that they are gods in their own right is even more interesting.  On top of that there is the curse hanging over their heads.  What’s the curse?  Well you’ll just have to read it and find out.

For the artist community: The art his is really beautiful.  There are some panels and spreads that still stick in my mind.  The use of color to depict magic was beautiful.  There is a lot of spaces of flat color that is indicitive of a pop art style.  The character designs are very much set in the present (There are characters with piercing, tattoos, side shaves, ombres, etc.).  How do gods look in our society? Freakin read the comic.

I swear if I have to tell you to read this one more time.  Read the comic.  Read the thing.  Do the thing.  That is all.  As you were.



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