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Black Science: Volume One: How to Fall Forever

Series Title: Black Science
Volume # and Title: 1: How to Fall Forever
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Painted Art: Dean White
Publisher: Image Comics
Collected Issues: #1-6
Page #: 152

I have to say that I was left wanting more with this trade which can be taken as a good thing or a bad thing.

Its good because I wanted to keep reading and learn more about each of the dimensions that the characters visit.  That isn’t to say that they don’t give you some insight.  The universe can speak for themselves in many instances but the world building is the most interesting part.

The problem with that is that the settings outshine the characters.  I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of them  nor did I understand their motivations. I know there were parts that were meant to be emotional but it felt more like it was trying  to make me feel for them and  wasn’t really successful in doing so.

I think that most of the success of this trade was the art.  Most of the world building is in the artists rendition of these worlds.  The writer had a hand in creating the universes but really its the visual representation of them that is so beautiful.  I’m glad this was a comic because I wouldn’t have been nearly as enthralled if I had been listening to a description of the worlds rather than seeing them in full color.

Overall, it was alright. It wasn’t terrible, and it wasn’t fantastic. If you want something mind blowing there are other comics being put out, but this isn’t a bad comic by any means. If you are interested in the concept of inter-planar travel  then you should totally take a look at it but there are even other comics that do this concept a bit better.  DC is putting out Multiversity comics right now, and that might be another place to look.


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