Monday Musings: The Reading/Bookish Resolutions Edition

Hey guys, look two weeks of Monday Musings in a row.  Its like there is consistency or something.  Not really because there was no Sunday Spam yesterday, but I haven’t been listening to Kpop this month while I’ve been home, at least not new music, so I have been out of the loop.  Most, if not all of my subscribers are probably sighing in relief right about now.  There is a reason I call that segment Spam.  Its not the spam of like sending you a mountain of things in a short amount of time, its spam as in the email that goes directly into the junk mail folder.  Junk mail section didn’t have the alliteration.  (Which admittedly is a little dumb, but I’ll chock it up to my quirks)

Anyway, this chat is supposed to be about reading resolutions not my battle with doing things.  Well, actually it is probably the best place to discuss my difficulties doing things, because this is all about bettering myself.

1. The first resolution is the standard, 50 book Goodreads challenge.  I have done this for three years, the first year I was a senior in high school and only pushed for 25 years.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Michaela has
read 1 book toward her goal of 50 books.

 2. The other Goodreads related resolution I discussed toward the end of the fall and began doing at the end of the fall as well, which was to not only give the books I read a star review but at least a few lines explaining why I gave the review I did.  This came out of discussing how those stars are a bit subjective and arbitrary.  I give five stars to books that blew me away literally and books that I enjoyed more than others even if they aren’t necessarily the best book ever written.  Without those lines of explanation those stars are honestly meaningless.  This shows up on my side bar for the most recent ones I’ve done and if I don’t have enough to write a full blown review of something, you can get an idea of what I thought at least that way.  You should also friend me on Goodreads if you want to see what I’m reading.

3. The next resolution has to do with the book club I run.  Those of you who might not know I have a book club that I do with some of my friends from school where we all read a book and then we live stream our discussion of that book.  It really only runs over our school breaks but I want to help it grow this year.  I made a bunch of social media for it and have been pushing to have more people join us so I want to get more people involved.  If you want more information about the group you can click the image below to find all of the social media links as well as a more in depth background on the group and its founding members.

4.  One of my ongoing resolution to read books that are on the list of 1000 books you should read before you die.  I read last year about one a month but I’m not going to restrict myself to reading them at certain times.  Its just a goal of mine to get through them.  I don’t think I will read them all, in part because I am not interested in all of them but also because there are 1000 if them and I don’t have the time.  I’ve been working through those that have come out since 1900.   If you click the image it will take you to the listology list I’ve been using!

5.  The last resolution I want to talk about is my resolution to discuss the books that I don’t like.  The problem with that is that I tend not to finish the books I don’t like.  This means that I don’t write a review on Goodreads and I don’t discuss them on here.  This makes it seem like I love everything I read, or at least find it okay.  I do read bad books, I just don’t let them use up any more of my time.  I think that once I have found a good chunk of books that I didn’t like enough to finish I will make a large post that compiles them and I will talk about why I didn’t like it.

What are you guys trying to do this year as you read.  Are you joining the read critically or read diversely campaigns?  Do you keep track of the demographics of the books you read?  Are you excited for the new year?

I will be back tomorrow to do another Top Ten Tuesday which I plan on doing whenever it is a topic I feel I can join in on!  Wednesday I will have another trade paperback comic review and Friday there will be a new Book Club post, (ALTHOUGH WE WILL BE GOING LIVE LATER TODAY IF YOU WANT TO WATCH BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!)


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