This isn’t a Sunday Spam

Not even in the slightest.  My holiday has been filled with things and running around as it always is.  I’m still recovering from last semester.  I am trying to prepare for next semester.  I wanted to do a December wrap up post when I never even finished my November one.

Honestly I will do these things.  I will get them together for you.  I plan on it.  I am free most of this week and will put in the time here.  Hopefully.

I’ve been doing a lot of really great things for the Bibliomancy book club.  We have a twitter exclusively for that now so if you only want to get book club news you should go follow @bibliomancy101 and while you are reading your books if you live tweet you should use the hashtag #beginbibliomancy.  We also have a Vine and an Instagram which are both @bibliomancy4beginners.

We did one episode which I am sure you guys saw and another one is in the works for next week.  If you need an excuse to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman this is it.  Get to it!  If you already read it you should come back next week for our video discussion.  All of the links and stuff will be presented to you through the bibliomancy twitter or my own twitter, whichever you prefer.

I have plans for upcoming posts I just need to take the time to put the words on the page.  It will get done I promise.  TT.TT



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