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Sex Criminals: Volume One: One Weird Trick

Series Title: Sex Criminals
Volume # and Title: 1: One Weird Trick
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics
Comics Collected: 1-5
Page #: 128

**I would note that this book should be intended for older audiences, it has some graphic content. That isn’t to say it is crude but it is sexually explicit; there is full frontal nudity and sex scenes, however they are realistic.**

This was incredibly unique and funny. I found myself laughing out loud while I fell in love with these characters. They are incredibly charismatic despite being slightly flawed. It was a great first arc. I look forward to reading the next Volume upon its release.

The characters are great I felt like I was reading about real people with a quirky super power.  It was great to see how this affected people with real lives who weren’t necessarily powerful.  Even the characters who had been living with the power for a long time were 911 operators and bus drivers not secret agents or anything glamorous.

The writing is hilarious.  I laughed out loud multiple times while reading.  This is both by the commentary set by the characters and those working on the project and by some of the scenes and set ups themselves.  This books is what I would say a realistic super hero book would be like.  If normal people had super powers, and those powers happened to be connected to sex this is how it would play out.  This is who they would be.  It also talks about and shows sex in such a realistic way.

The art is fantastic.  I was a little worried about the art, because it definitely isn’t the usual beautiful people you are used to seeing in comics.  These people are realistic, they have curves, big noses, and weird hair.  I think this comic is so strong because of its blatant realism, despite being something utterly fantastic.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to read it then the only thing else I can say is the story is cute. Its great all around. Not mind blowing, but definitely not mediocre or disappointing.

I especially liked that the trade has lists at the back describing all of the ideas they had that didn’t necessarily make it into the final book.

If you are looking for an ongoing comic series that has a lot of heart and makes you laugh then Sex Criminals is definitely something you should check out.

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