Sunday Spam: The November Wrap Up Edition

It’s back and the same as ever.  I would say better, but nothing has changed (however possible changes are on the way 😉 ).

This means that you still have a handy dandy playlist to listen to and watch and my commentary on each video presented below.

There are two songs from the end of last month that came out after my post went out but the majority of these are from the last months time organized from the newest to the oldest.

I would love to say these are the best of the best that came out this month, but not all of these are my cup of tea but I added them because I wanted to discuss something about them *cough* ZICO WHAT DID YOU DO? *cough* but we’ll get to that soon enough.

*my reviews will be added hopefully by tonight but I couldn’t finish them before I have to sleep in order to leave on time for my classes tomorrow … five hour drive*


2. Park Hyo Shin – Happy Together

3. Apink – LUV

4. MAMAMOO – Piano Man


5. GD & Taeyang – Good Boy

6. Legend – I Wanna Know

7. Nicole – MAMA


8. Ulala Session – Best Girl

9. 10cm – 그리워라

10. Queen B’Z – bbibbi

11. HI SUHYUN – I’m Different

12. Pritz – Sora Sora

13. GOT7 – Stop stop it


14. AOA – Like a Cat

15. ZICO – Tough Cookie

16. Hellovenus – Sticky Sticky

17. SPICA – Ghost


18. ZHOUMI – Rewind

19. LABOUM – What about you

20. Yoon Hyun Sang & IU – When would it be


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