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Rat Queens: Volume One: SASS and SORCERY

Series Title: Rat Queens
Volume # and Title: 1: SASS and SORCERY
Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: Roc Upchurch
Publisher: Image Comics
Comics Collected: #1-5
Page #: 128

If you are someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons or who used to play Dungeons and Dragons and misses it then this is the comic for you.

I say this because this is a fantasy series clearly based on how campaigns out when you are playing Dungeons and Dragons with your friends.  The banter is there, the shenanigans, the weird rivalry with characters for no apparent reason that makes everybody laugh.  This comic is great for that.

If you aren’t someone who has ever played Dungeons and Dragons then I promise you can still really like this.  You just need to understand that it will be a bit silly, a bit gorey, but a whole lot of fun.  Its a fantasy book with a party of up and coming heroes doing what they have to do to get some gold to get something strong to drink.

The characters are all really well developed despite there being so many of them and we only have five issues to work with.  You get a taste of their motives and back stories.  There’s even a queer character which is becoming increasingly common in comics and is almost necessary in every D&D campaign.

The plot is interesting, while slightly predictable.  If you are ready to follow some kick ass girls around as they punch dudes then you will enjoy the story.  If you want this to be the mystery that stumps you for ages, you might be looking in the wrong place.

The art is beautiful.  There is a bit of sketchiness too it that I really like.  I like that not only are several fantasy races represented here but several body types in our female leads.  It helps that dwarves are traditionally stocky, but all of the characters have a different shape and are still sexy and badass.

If you want a fun comic that will make you laugh or just a light read to pick you up after something a bit depressing than I think that Rat Queens are great.  These girls are charismatic and beautiful.  I look forward to hearing more about their story when the next volume is released early next year.


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