Monday Musings: The New Plan

Well, I have been swamped with work and will continue to be so for the next month or so, so I decided to do some preplanning.

By that I mean I am going to spend a few hours today writing up a bunch of posts and setting them to post over the next month.  There will of course be more topical posts that I will put out when appropriate (like my monthly music wrap ups and my Fall reading wrap up).

I think this is the best way to prevent the dead air from pervading this blog.

I have to read twenty Korean works of Fiction in the next two weeks, I have to write a group paper before next friday, I have to come up with a new topic for my grant proposal because the one I had been working on fell through.  I’ve been working on Mandarin on my own because I’m skipping the first section and don’t want to be completely behind next semester.

There is a lot of work to be done and with all of that the blog will have to take a back seat.  I hope it won’t be too neglected but seeing that I would get behind when I had absolutely nothing to do, don’t be surprised if there are only a handful of posts for a while.

The plan for the posts as they will be coming out while I’m gone is only a slight change.

Mondays: Musings – like what you are reading at this very moment

Wednesdays: Comic Book Day! – If you follow me on twitter you know that I have recently fallen back into the money pit that is comics, but its worth it.  I’ll take wednesday to talk about some of the graphic novels and comics I’ve been reading.

Fridays: Book Stuff – reviews, or lists, or wrap ups, or #fridayreads you won’t know until it gets there.

Sundays: Spam – the usual Kpop stuff, group biographies and playlists for your learning pleasure.

Really only one big change.  The addition of comic book day.  I might also add a list of the comics coming out that day because Wednesday is new comic release day.

I hope this won’t be too simple for you guys, and that there will be enough content over the next few weeks.  I will have plenty of books to talk about at the end of this though.



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