Sunday Spam: The Let’s Learn a Thing Together: The BeBop Edition

Holy I’ve fallen behind on my Sunday Spam posts.  I think the reason for that is that, next to my book review posts which also fall by the wayside, they take the most time.  I really love these posts but they take soooo much time to make and I’m at school where time is precious.

However!  I do these things for you, even sporadically.

Let’s get into it and learn about this rookie group that honestly has A LOT of potential despite releasing only 1 mini album … half a year ago.

Step 1: Music!

I have a playlist of music and music videos blah blah blah patterns.

1. Between Calm and Passion (released February 14th, 2014)

  • 연예인
  • 내가 메인이야 (I Am The Best) [with music video]
  • Oh My Boy
  • Be Lazy
  • 내가 메인이야 (Inst.)

2. Work on OST (Original Soundtracks)

  • Hello Boy (from Haeundae Lovers OST)
  • Pretty Boy (from Beautiful Man OST)

3. Collaborations

  • 맴맴 (with Humming Urban Stereo) [with music video]
  • Fly High (비상) (With Wax) [with music video]

Step 2: The Group!

The group debuted in February of this year signed under LOEN entertainment.  It is a three member girl band.  I say band because all of the members play instruments and sing.  This is sooo rare for Kpop.  I am so happy to see them and they do such cool early 2000s rock stuff.  They are adorable.  It is great.

I found them through their collaboration with Wax when looking through last months videos for my monthly wrap up.  They are new so there isn’t a lot of stuff to say about these girls.  I just hope that you guys find them and enjoy their music like I have.  I think that moving forward each month I am going to try and do one let’s learn a thing about a rookie group and one about an established group for those people just now getting into Kpop.

Here is our rookie group!  Apparently they have their own youtube channel and I would suggest thei fyeah fanpage on tumblr for information as well!  They also seem to busk all over Korea so you can find dozens of fancams of them performing on the street.

Step 3: The Members

Name: Ayeon (주우)
Birthday: June o4, 1990
Age: 24
Position: Leader, Drums, Vocal
Live Focus!

Name: Jiin (이지인)
Birthday: March 13, 1992
Age: 22
Position: Bass, Vocal
Extra Bits: She used to be a member of Girls Day!
Live Focus!

Name: Juwoo (주우)
Birthday: February 6th, 1995
Age: 19
Position: Maknae, Guitar, Vocal
Guitar Solo Cover of SHINee!


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